Days Between Dates

Back Grandma Ideas: Give your Valentine a card that tells how many days you have love the last millennium, I got a wild and crazy idea about celebrating being married for 10,000 days.

I talked to a local gas station to put up a message on their sign about being married to my husband for 10,000 days.

10,000 days! That’s a heap o’ days!

I surprised my husband by taking a cake (with a similar message on it) to work where he could share with co-workers.

I felt very pleased with myself. After all, 10,000 days is a significant amount of days to be married.

I’ve now been married longer — much longer — to the same wonderful man. I love him deeply and appreciate him so much.

I decided to make a special Valentine just for him.

Make a Valentine for your husband stating how many days you have loved him (how many days since you were married).

So, how did I know how many days we have been married? Did I count on my fingers and my toes over, and over, and over?


While I like mathematics, when you have been married as long as I have that’s a lot of days to count up. Instead, I used the nifty site Days Between Dates. It is so cool. It saves you all the hassle of adding up the days over the years.


That site will also tell you the weeks, days, hours, minutes, and even seconds! (I have been married over 1.3 billion seconds. Phew!)

Can you catch the vision of using this? You can make a personalized Valentine for your husband, for your children, for your grandchildren, or for your parents. And come up with the days in a matter of minutes! Wahoo!

Here is the Valentine template to print off and use. All you have to do is print it off, cut out the Valentine, figure up the days, write your message, and you are done in a matter of minutes.

You can tuck your Valentine under a pillow, in a lunch box, tape it to the bathroom mirror, or put it on the plate at dinner time. It’s an easy, quick way to express your love to your sweetie and your loved ones!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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