Easy Christmas Presents for Grandchildren

Click here to get some ideas for creative and clever Christmas presents for kids.Maybe it’s the Christmas music I hear on the radio (that’s been playing since Halloween but I’ve refused to listen to until now).

Maybe it’s the smell of cinnamon in the air.

Maybe it’s that we put up our Christmas star and other outside Christmas lights.

Maybe it’s the fact that there are only 24 days left until Christmas.  Yikes!

Whatever it is, I’m getting in the ‘make it’ mood to do some Christmas gift projects.

Maybe it’s because I recently discovered Carolyn’s Obsessively Stitching blog. I am totally enchanted with that site.  Such a creative person!  (She has made the cutest winter outfits for the Fisher Price Little People.  What a darling idea!)

Click here to get some ideas for creative and clever Christmas presents for kids.I absolutely love the quiet book out of hot pot holders idea .  These little gingerbread men are deliciously clever, clever, clever.  I might have to take turns with my grandchildren to play with it!

Carolyn also wrote about sewing a make-up bag out of hot pads.  When you get a hot pad from the Dollar Store, this is indeed a very inexpensive gift — something that a teen-aged granddaughter would enjoy receiving.

You might want to slip in lip gloss, eye shadow, or a make up brush before wrapping it up.  You could also make one for a younger granddaughter and fill with things such as scented lotion or nail polish if your granddaughter doesn’t wear make-up just yet.

Click here to get some ideas for creative and clever Christmas presents for kids.Carolyn also wrote a great tutorial on how she took a door sign that she purchased at the dollar store and turned it into a lacing card.

This is such a great idea that you could make a whole flock of lace up cards and keep some on hand for when your grandchildren come for a visit!

If you are as adept at using a hand drill as you are a sewing machine, this will be easy to do.  If not, maybe you could sweet talk grandpa into drilling the holes for you.  Grandpas are suckers for doing sweet things for their grandchildren.  (Huh, grandpa?)

This is an easy and very durable Christmas gift you could make and give to a grandchild who is at least three years old.  If your grandchild isn’t quite old enough to do a lace up card just yet, you could file this idea away to make at a later date.  (Just don’t forget the idea!)

Carolyn also has a tutorial for a child’s seat belt cover. She had made covers (out of pot holders) in five minutes!  If your young grandchildren get scratches on their neck from their seat belt, this might be something that you want to stitch up.

She also has made an I Spy bag and book and sticker book.  (She discovered Brassy Apple, too!)  Her variation doesn’t require you to write clever poems for the list of things to find.  Instead, she took photos of the items in groupings according to color or theme which makes it much easier for little non-readers to keep themselves occupied with the book.

Now excuse me.  I need to run to the Dollar Store and so I can get started on these easy little projects!

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