Egg Crafts for Teenage Grandchildren

Oh, little Bentley.  How dear you are.  How sweet.  How cuddly.  How cute. And so clever that I want to pinch your little cheek. (But therein lies the problem.  His cheek is little.  My digits are large-ish.  I’d probably break his egg-mobile.)

Don’t you agree he’s the cat’s meow?

Bentley is the amazing creation of Benita on her site Chez Larsson.

It’s always a challenge to find activities for teenage grandchildren, isn’t it?  Benita has solved that problem for Easter with her egg craft ideas. Her ideas are appealing to that age group of grandchildren. (My favorite is Bentley and Bick.)

I think teenage grandchildren would have a great time making some of her egg craft ideas — and then coming up with their own ideas.  (Maybe grandma could sponsor a little contest to see which grandchild could come up with the most creative creation . . .)

Take a look at Benita’s wonderful ideas.  I’m sure you’ll find one that will catch your fancy.

These egg craft ideas require a dremel tool.  Methinks that’s not something that grandmothers generally have in their crafting supplies. Not to worry!  You can find one for around $30 (and even a little cheaper) and some up to the amazing price of $120.  This would probably be a great tool to have on hand for lots of other crafting activities.

Two of Benita’s egg ideas could be done using plastic eggs in case you don’t have (and don’t want to get) a dremel tool. In fact, I bet you and your clever teenage grandchildren could come up with more similar ideas using plastic eggs.  (If you do, I would love it if you would send me a picture.  I’d love to share it here on my site.)

Remember: you can get my free document of Easter ideas for additional ideas of Easter activities to do with your grandchildren.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter celebration with your family!

Thanks for sharing!