Fake Text Messages and Snakes

THave a fun time making these fun fake text messages!wo weeks ago, I shared a site where you could create fake text messages.

Since then, I found a site that is much more user friendly for creating those messages. It’s iphonetextgenerator.

You don’t have to worry about using a special way to type in the message. You can select the time shown on the message.

(On the other site, the time was based on the actual time that you created the fake text.) And, if you want more lines of text, it’s way easy to add more.

The end product looks almost exactly the same. Here’s a fake text from the iPhone Text Generator site.

Give it a whirl. You might like this site better.

(Oh, if anybody is interested, here’s the link to Studio 5 so that you can see my little segment on the show: 3 Ways to Connect with Distant Grandkids.)

Now. Upward and onward to snakes.

Story One. We are in the process of remodeling our family room. Part of the remodeling includes getting rid of an outside door. We are adding bricks and stucco where the door used to be so that it will match with the rest of the outside of our home.

We had a pile of bricks for the brick layer to use. On the day that he came, there happened to be a garden snake intertwined among the bricks. When the brick layer saw it, he freaked out. He was scared of the snake. Exceedingly so! He went to my husband and told him about the snake. The poor fellow was shaking and quite upset. It was rather sad that an adult was so scared of a harmless garden snake.

Story two. Last year, there was a garden snake that lived in the crack in the cement in our front step. One day, the snake happened to be on the sidewalk when our little grandson came for a visit. When the snake saw my grandson, he slithered into the crack in the step. My grandson was almost too scared to go up the steps to get in our house.

So later, my husband made a cement mixture and cemented over the crack. No more snake on the front step. But, it took a while for our grandson to get over his nervousness of seeing the snake on our sidewalk and of being afraid to walk up our front steps.

So, why am I telling you these two stories about snakes? Just because. And, because I think they make a good segue into what I want to share next with you.

I found the cutest printables for snakes. Yes siree! Cute snakes. Take a look.

Kids love making these printable snake puppets.

Mr. Printables has the patterns and directions for making these cute little snakes. In fact, there are two more snake patterns to choose from. That makes 4 colorful snakes to print and make. Or, if you want, you can print up a blank template and color it however your little creative heart desires.

Here are the patterns and directions on how to make the snakes.

Grandsons would really enjoy making these fellows. Because the snakes are so colorful, I bet your granddaughters would like making them, too. These snakes aren’t as scary as the garden snakes that live in our yard!

If your grandchildren live far away, print up the patterns and directions and pop them in the mail and send them to your grandchildren.

A big thank you goes out to Mr. Printables for creating and sharing the patterns for these delightful critters!

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