Family Reunion at Bear Lake

I know that you have all been on pins and needles waiting, waiting, waiting to see what little craft I came up with for the grand kiddos to do while at Bear Lake for our family reunion.  Well, folks, here it is.

Announcing: Bud and Betty our Bear Lake Buddies!

(I felt so proud of myself for coming up with such a clever name for this activity. That was one of the reasons I stayed up so late the other night making my samples.)

Aren’t they just the cat’s meow? (I’m assuming you can tell which is Betty and which is Bud . . .)

I knew that the grandchildren would not be able to add the pipe cleaner arms nor the yarn hair. Oh, well.  In fact, they didn’t even draw the faces.  (I did.)

Here’s how the buddies looked at the lake.  They are hovering around a yellow cow sand toy.

At times, we chilled out in the shade.
At times, we played in the water. (Well, not grandma. She barely took off her fleece jacket . . . ) Sad to say, that is NOT our boat in the background.
Only one grandchild had the interest to make edible sparklers with grandma. But that was okay. All the more for us to eat. (We DID share with others. Honestly.)  I love edible crafts because you don’t leave any evidence behind as to just how craft-challenged you are.
Only two grandchildren could stand still long enough in front of their art show display for their picture to be taken.  The grandchildren (with a little help from their parents) colored pages from a coloring book, made butterflies out of coffee filters, and made a very simplified version of a ladybug. (Natalie is eating an edible sparkler.)


What fun things are you planning for your family reunion?

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