Fourth of July Activities for Grandkids

Here is a list of 6 activities that you can do with your kids for the 4th of July.Oh me, oh my!  Bless my lil’ Betsy Ross soul!  I can’t believe that it’s almost the 4th of July and I haven’t written one single solitary word about this holiday!  Well  . . . I’ve been focused an a rather large writing project that has taken all of my extra attention.  (Which is good.  I get paid for that writing . . .)

So, I’ve decided to do a small round up of some sites that have great ideas.

Family Corner — especially check out their patriotic flip flops and water bracelets.

Kaboose 4th of July Crafts — fun crafts such as the patriotic pinwheel, ball catchers (out of milk jugs), and 4th of July salt dough pins.

Make a patriotic Candle jar from Kinder Art.

And make chocolate sparklers — to eat of course.  (This is a United Kingdom site and this recipe calls for chocolate covered finger biscuits.  I’m not sure if we have something similar in the U.S.  However, being the creative soul that you are, you could probably substitute a pretzel dipped in chocolate and then in red, white, and blue decorating sprinkles.)

4th of July activities from the Activity Village — like the Uncle Sam craft, a patriotic wand, or a patriotic plant pot.

And of course, check out Family Fun 4th of July crafts like the can-do stilts, confetti launcher, a patriotic t-shirt made with only palm and finger prints, and the fun edible eagles.  (Be sure to scroll through all five pages of their ideas.)

(I’m also in the process of reading Team of Rivals by Doris Goodwin which is Abraham Lincoln’s biography.  It’s a great book!  Long, but very good.)

Hope you have a delightful 4th of July.

Thanks for sharing!