Free Coloring Printables

the-two-friendsThere’s just something about coloring with crayons that speaks to my soul.

Even today. (Does that mean I’m still a kid at heart? That’s what I’d like to think . . . )

It speaks to children’s souls, too.

Do your grandchildren enjoy the movie Toy Story? If so, they might enjoy coloring some of these free printable pictures. Color these 20 major characters from the show.

Does your grandson love Superman? Here are 20 Superman printables. How about Monster’s Inc. coloring pages, Cars, and Up?

Does your granddaughter love the movie Tangled? Print up some pages from that movie. Oh, and you can’t forget Frozen coloring pages!

Go to your dollar store and get a pack of crayons for each grandchild. (Let them take home their new crayons. Grandkids LOVE getting boxes of new ones!)

Set up a play date and have your grandchildren come to your home for a coloring fest. Print up these free coloring printables and then color to your heart’s content.

When you are finished, make and eat some of these crayon cookies. Yum!

(You might want to print some of these pages up and send them along with the crayons to your little darlings that live far away from you. Just sayin’ . . . )

2 thoughts on “Free Coloring Printables

  • marjorie patricia rodriguez davis

    i love your IDEAS !!!!!
    you sent some mandala printables and I lost them could you PLEASE tell me where I can find them again
    my grandkids live in rio rancho I in mexico city
    it would be easier for me if I lived in rio rancho but I don’t so with your help I help myself feel closer to them little ones
    congrats you are awesome!!!!!
    thank you

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