Free Printable Monster Bingo

Get a free printable for monster bingo. Great for family activities!This is the time of year when monsters start popping out all over the place. (Cue spooky music.) Little munchkin monsters are terrific! I love them!

Two years ago, I shared a Halloween bingo that I used at our family Halloween party.

At that time, most of the grandkids were quite young. So that bingo only had 3 columns and 3 rows to make it easier for them to play.

Well! It’s amazing how much difference 2 years makes for kids ability to play bingo!

(If someone could tell me why time flies by so fast while these sweet little ones are growing up, I’d greatly appreciate it. Wait! No! Cancel that idea. I’d rather learn how to slow it down instead.)

I decided to make a regular bingo game  where the cards have 5 columns and 5 rows. I filled them with fun monsters since I’m not into the creepy, scary kind.

Now, I can’t wait for our family party in a couple of weeks. I think the grandkiddos will enjoy playing bingo with these monsters!

I thought that I would share the bing sheets with you, Dear Reader. If you’re like me, you’re always on the look out for things to do with the grandkids.

I have two files that have 3 bingo sheets for a total of 6 bingo sheets:  monster bingo one and monster bingo two. Here is the monster bingo master call out sheet.

I suggest that you print them on cardstock and then laminate or slip them into plastic sheet covers so that you can use them at other times.

These bingo cards are totally free for your personal use. All you have to do is supply the markers — candy corn, M&Ms, or other such candy. Make sure that you have enough to take into consideration that some of it will get eaten!

You might want to check out my Halloween games and these Halloween games, too, that you could play with your grandkids. They’re great fun.

You could do a variation of the game I have a little dog and he won’t bite you by saying you have a little ‘vampire.’ (You remember how to play that game, don’t you? Of course you do!)

You could also read some of the fun Halloween poems from this deligtful Halloween book from Monster Goose (instead of Mother Goose!) and print up some of my Halloween wordles.

Here’s hoping you have a great Halloween party with your grandkids!

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