Games to Play on New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year!

I love New Year’s Eve. It’s a time for playing games with family for hours!!

Over the years, I have written about various games and activities that you can do with your grandkids. Last year for New Year’s Eve, I wrote a post that listed lots of them. It was such a good roundup, I’m sharing it here.

Here are 8 activities that you can do with your grandkids such as a photo scavenger hunt, pantyhose polo, and the numbers card game. These are always a hit with the kidlets!

Do you have snow at your house? I doubt that we’ll have any by then. However! If you do, play Fox and Geese! This is a game of tag played out in the snow. And if it’s dark outside, it’s even more fun!

My husband and I have discovered the card game Five Crowns. We spend lots of time playing it with friends. This would be a game that your tweens and teens would enjoy. We also play lots of Sequence.

Your teens would also like the challenging rhythm cup game. This will keep them entertained for quite some time!

Little grandkids would love playing Spot It. I’m amazed at how fast my grandkids can spot things on these cards! They’re much faster than their granny!

Then there’s the game Flash. Our 8 year old grandson absolutely loves this game!

I hope that you can find something here to do with your family on New Year’s Eve! Here’s to wishing you a great evening of fun and games!

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