Fun Things to Take When Visiting Grandchildren

Things to take when visiting faraway grandchildren.I recently received a request for ideas of little gifts that grandmas can take when they visit their grandchildren.

The message didn’t mention what age the grandchildren were or if they were boys or girls. So, I’m going to give suggestions of things that you can take for young grandchildren and older ones and ideas of things for both boys and for girls.

Before I give my ideas, I thought that I would mention that when my mother-in-law visited, she always brought a stick of sugar free gum for the kids. Just one stick. She lived fairly close and we would see her several times a month. I was okay with that but I know some mothers are not thrilled for their kids to chew gum.

If you live close to your grandchildren (and also have lots of them), giving a little gift can get expensive. I think that’s why my mother-in-law gave just one stick of gum. It was inexpensive plus really easy to take along when she came over. And the grandchildren loved it. (It was also something she could easily put in a letter as she wrote to her grandchildren who lived far away.)

Without further ado, here’s my list:

Ideas for little granddaughters
• Barrettes
• Little anklet socks (that you’ve added lace, ribbons, bows, or buttons to)
• Coloring books, crayons and markers
• Books (and maybe a simple bag for your granddaughter to put her books in)
• Holiday knick knacks from the dollar store
• Stickers
• A pencil with a fun design on it or a pen with colored ink (like orange or green or gold or silver) and colored paper to write on
• Small notepade
• Ingredients for a simple treat

Ideas for little grandsons
• Matchbox cars
• Bubbles
• A sticky hand
• Glow in the dark bouncing balls
• Gliders
• Camouflaged dog tags
• Glow in the dark slime (some of these things could be found at a dollar store, too)

Some of these things from the Oriental Trading Company come in a bag of a dozen (or more). This could be far more than you need for your grandchildren. So, maybe you could share with some of your friends who are also grandmothers. You can each get two or three different bags of things and then split them up among yourselves and viola! You have a variety of things to give your grandsons without spending lots of money or having lots of leftovers.

Another idea is to take some craft items of things that you could make together. Not only are you giving a gift, you’ll be giving a gift of yourself, your time, and your attention as you make the craft together.

I’ve always liked Sculpy Clay. It fosters creativity and is lots of fun to use. You might want to poke around the site for fun ideas.

One idea I saw a while ago (and can’t find it now . . . rats!) was a set of utensils with red and white Sculpy clay wrapped around the handles to make them look like a candy cane. A personalized set of utensils for your grandchild. Fun!

Ideas on the Sculpy site that would be of interest to boys:
A monitor lizard (which could also be made into a book bag buddy or zipper pull or magnet)
Skinny the Skunk bookmark buddy
Easter/spring ideas such as Easter Egg erasers, bunny pencil holder)

Sculpy Clay projects for older girls:
• Coneflower pens
• Picture frames
• House number plaque
• Candle ring
I love you photo holder

Another idea for older grandchildren is to take a recipe on a fancy recipe card in addition to a recipe file box. This can be the beginning of a collection of family recipes. Or, you could print a couple of recipes on fun paper, put the paper in a plastic sheet protector, and then in a binder. Each time you visit you could take a new sheet of recipes for the binder. You could also take the ingredients to make the recipe and have some fun in the kitchen with your grandchild.

I stumbled upon a craft site that has lots of ideas of craft projects. Here are a few of the ideas:

Craft Bits
• Wish bracelet out of hemp and seed beads
• Butterfly bead bookmark
• Peppermint candy spoons
• Paper envelopes
• Soap and candle making projects
• Bead and ribbon bookmarks

If you have ideas of other small gifts you can take your grandchildren, please post a comment and share your ideas.

Have fun,

2 thoughts on “Fun Things to Take When Visiting Grandchildren

  • DigiGram Post author

    Oh my! I hope the Ethan Allan dresser can stand up to the removal of the stickers when the grandkids get older. If they do, that shows just how high of quality furniture they are! (Good thing you didn’t sent them gum . . .)

  • Travelinoma

    These are great suggestions.

    I always take and send my grandkids stickers (cheap, easy to mail, lots of different styles, etc.) When I recently visited my grandkids in Pennsylvania I noticed that their lovely Ethan Allan dressers were covered with Spiderman stickers. I asked who did the decorating. “We did, Oma. You sent us all the stickers!”

    You win a few and you lose a few. Oh well.

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