Girls Who Choose God

Women Who Choose GodDisclaimer: I was given a free copy of this book to review. It did not influence my opinion in any way. Nor did I receive any compensation for writing this review.

Can you tell me the name of a Bible story that comes to your mind?

There are lots to choose from. What story did you think of?

Jonah in the belly of a whale, Daniel in the lion’s den, Job who lost everything yet still did not curse God?

Did you think of any story about a woman?

I didn’t think so.

For sure, there are stories in the Bible about women. But not a plethora.

That’s why I was thrilled to read Girls Who Choose God. It is a book filled with stories about strong, faithful women who made courageous choices. (I’m a women’s libber so I’m all about equal time for Bible stories about women!)

In a simple way, this book tells women’s stories and afterwards asks about the choices that the women had to make. Readers are asked about times when they personally had to make hard choices.

For instance, after the story of Miriam, Moses’ sister, readers are asked to ponder a choice that they made that brought their family together.

After the story of Mahlah and her sisters, readers think about a time when they chose to solve a problem peacefully.

After the story of Deborah, readers are asked about a time when they chose to be a leader.

Story after story, readers learn about strong Biblical women and the choices they made. Readers are invited to make good choices, important ones of their own — choices that will strengthen them, their families, and others.

This book is full of delight illustrations! They capture the feel of Biblical times and the people. They add tremendously to the book! I absolutely love them.

Here are a few.
the story of Deborah in the Bible

the story of Ester in the Bible

the story of Mahlah in the Bible

All mothers want strong daughters — daughters who make good choices and who stand up for what they believe in. I know I do.

As a grandmother, I want granddaughters to make good choices, too. I want them to grow into strong, capable women who will be an influence for good and who live virtuous lives.

I think this book is a wonderful springboard for discussions with our daughters and granddaughters about tough choices, about being a good person, and about doing the right thing.

This book isn’t specific to one religion. It supports basic values accepted world-wide. It talks about things that all parents would want for their daughters.

It would make a wonderful Christmas present to give to a granddaughter — and to add to your library. It sells on Amazon for $15.80. Take a few minutes to check out the book — it could become a treasure in your personal library.

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  • leigh

    Loved the book with ideas of getting the children to respond to questions. It’s so good to raise children’s awareness of “choosing the right “.

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