Giveaway Winner

Congratulations goes to Joyce. She is the winner of my giveaway for Ric Dilz’s book My Grandma Could do Anything in New York City!

Joyce, please send your mailing address to me at nina (@) and I will immediately pop the book in the mail.

I must apologize for being so late at announcing the winner. I’ve had an exciting couple of days that made me totally space it out. (My husband thinks I’m totally spaced out all of the time . . .)

Studio 5I was contacted by a television station based in Salt Lake City, Utah. They wanted to feature me on their program called Studio 5. They asked if they could film me. How cool is that? I felt honored!

So Thursday’s focus was on being filmed. (I hope they can do wonderful magic and make it so that I don’t look like the total idiot that I really am . . .)

My head was still spinning on Friday from the filming. After work, my husband and I went to the theater — and again I totally forgot about posting. Today, we’ve spent the day celebrating our oldest grandson’s birthday.

So, here it is. Late Saturday night and I ‘m finally announcing the winner. Please forgive me, everyone!

(Pssst! I will post the video this coming week here on my website so that you, Dear Reader, can watch it. Well, I’ll post it if, like I said, I don’t look like a complete idiot!)

4 thoughts on “Giveaway Winner

  • DigiGram Post author

    Thank you so much for telling your mother about my site. I really appreciate it. (You, too, might find activities on my site that you could do with your kiddos)

  • Grandma Kc

    How exciting! Sounds like you have had a busy and exciting few days! You are going to be a famous TV star! If they post the interview online anywhere you will have to share it with us!

  • Joyce

    My grandsons’ paternal grandparents live in upstate NY. My daughter and son-in-law have often gone to NYC while the twins stay with “yia yia” and “papou.” The day will come when the kids get to go too, and of course, I suppose, (thanks to this book!) I will have to take them up on their offer to go along!
    And congratulations on your “movie start” status! (well okay, the “small screen” – but that’s where they all get their start you know!) I can’t wait to watch the video of you sharing your ideas!
    THANKS for everything!

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