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This is my first grade class picture.(Note: I have received an incentive for writing this post. However, all opinions are my own. Prizing is provided by Warner Bros. Pictures.)

I grew up on a farm in southern Idaho. I don’t recall ever going to a movie in a show house with my family.

(I was born in the Mesozoic era so my memory might be a tad faulty. Maybe.)


When I was in the second grade, my best buddies were Chris and Mary. Because we hung around together so much, others started calling us the Niña (me — except I really pronounce my name with a long I sound), the Pinta (this was Chris because she was so short), and the Santa Maria (that was Mary). Like Columbus’ ships. Clever clogs, my friends.

The picture above is of us in the first grade. (This picture is MUCH better than the one in the second grade where our hair styles were rather goofy . . .) Click on it to get a better look to see just how adorable were were back then.

When we were in the second grade, Mary had a birthday party where she invited a group of friends to go to see the movie 101 Dalmations. I was thrilled to go. Totally.

Mary’s parents paid for our movie ticket and for a candy bar that we could eat during the movie. Going to that show with my friends is a highlight of my life that I remember to this day!

Fast forward a gazillion years. I still enjoy going to the movies with my friends. Movies — wahoo!

I’m currently on the verge of retirement when what to my wondering eyes did appear (in my e-mail) but an invitation to hold a giveaway about a movie.

Before I talk about the giveaway, lemme talk a wee bit about the movie. Deal? Deal.

The movie Going in Style will be out in theaters in April.

I think that Going in Style is going to be a hoot because it’s a comedy and my favorite actors are in it — Morgan Freeman, Michael Cane, and Alan Arkin.

It also hits close to home because it’s about a group of lifelong friends that are impacted when they learn that their pension payments are frozen. (I worry that we’ll have enough money for our retirement . . .)

The movie Going in Style will be out in theaters in April.

These buddies team up and decide to buck retirement and step off the straight-and-narrow for the first time in their lives.

Here. Take a look at the trailer.

This is one of my favorite lines in the trailer. (Don’t grandparents get tired more easily?)

The movie Going in Style will be out in theaters in April.

They show how even though you grow old that you really don’t have to grow up. You can let go and have fun, live a little, and let loose.

They show that you can make the most out of the time you have. (I have quite the bucket list that I’m going to attack with a vengeance once I retire!)

Desperate to pay their bills, they are willing to risk it all for a loved one.

GOING IN STYLE will be in the theaters April 7!!

Giveaway, giveaway, giveaway!

I am giving away one (1) $50 Visa gift card to see GOING IN STYLE in theaters with your buddies! How cool is that?

To enter the giveaway, simply post a comment below and tell me the name of a movie that you have enjoyed seeing with friends.

The giveaway will end at midnight Sunday April 2. I will announce the winners on Monday April 3.

This is a short time for the giveaway, so enter NOW! A simple comment posted below is all that is needed!

By entering this giveaway, you get the chance to create a highlight in YOUR life with your friends. You don’t have to be retired — or close to retirement — to enjoy this movie. Adults of all ages will like it!

This giveaway is open to US mailing addresses only.

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46 thoughts on “Going in Style Giveaway

  • Donna Armstrong

    Me and my friends went to see A Coalminers Daughter many years ago at the drive-in theatre. I will never forget it. It’s still one of my favorite movies today.

  • Nina Lewis Post author

    Yes, I certainly remember watching the Wizard of Oz. That was my favorite movie! And yes, I see you are in the picture. You were are so cute there!! (As always!)

  • Andrea

    I just had to say Nina do you remember when we used to get together at your house and watch the Wizard of Oz? So FUN!
    A century ago…ha ha. And I happen to be in the class picture above.

  • Krissie E.

    A couple of my friends and I went to see Logan. We really enjoyed it! We also enjoyed Bucket List from a long time ago — and that’s why I can’t wait to see this movie also!

  • Naomi Johnson

    12 of us went to see Beauty and the Beast… it was fabulous! I have seen the clips for Going In Style… looks hilarious! My husband even wants to go! Thanks for all your fun ideas; they’re appreciated!! Hugs, Naomi

  • Helen

    When I was 16, my sister took me to see Hello Dolly, the Barbara Streisand one. It was so great! Just recently. My husband went with me to see Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson. I loved it and he was so nice to accompany me! This movie looks like it is going to be great.

  • Jordan Peterson

    A couple weeks ago I watched the new Lego Batman movie with my wife and her friends. We’re all big fans of Batman and Lego games, and the movie was a blast!

  • kathy

    I liked Moana movie with my grandkids, I liked The Help with my book group. Maybe I’ll like this one with my blogger friends!

  • Andrea Jolley

    My cousin’s and I went to a big theatre in the city to see The Beatles in It’s been a hard day’s night! Like your story I will never forget the opportunity!

  • Tamra Phelps

    Well, the first thing that came to my mind was a trip to see Flashdance way back in the early 80s. I was a teenager & was with two of my cousins. It was a Sunday matinee & other than a couple of guys, we were the only ones there. We wound up joking our way through the movie with the guys. (But we loved the movie…& a few days after that there were lines to see that movie, lol. So, we got in early, I guess.)

  • shelly peterson

    I went to see the movie Passengers not too long ago with a friend!
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  • Tyneisha

    Oh I remember seeing Eat, Pray, Love with my best friend several years ago. We were two bright eyed, bushy tailed girls and definitely had a taste for travel and adventure!

  • Emma

    The first movie I ever saw in theaters was Frozen. I loved it and still watch it at home sometimes.

  • Christi

    I remember seeing the cartoon movie Beauty and the Beast in theaters when I was a kid with my cousin who was in town. It made such an impression on me that it became my favorite Disney movie.

  • Rosie

    My favorite movie with friends is Liar Liar with Jim Carrey! I’m excited to see this – I could use some laughs about pre-“retirement”!!

  • Joyce

    Good! I hope they robbed that bank, got their money back and gave the rest to charity without being caught! – too much of what they said about bankers never paying the price for cheating customers!
    A group of parents who met when our high school kids became friends occasionally meet at a discount movie house for a viewing of something that’s been off the screen for quite awhile. I haven’t been able to attend for ages, but one I remember seeing with them was “You’ve Got Mail!” That was fun!
    Thank you for a great give away! I’d love to see this movie!

  • Michal Anne

    My girlfriends and I have seen several good shows over the years. I can’t just stop with one–My Life with Michael Keaton pulled on your heartstrings as this father prepares for his death to cancer, knowing he will not get to see his newborn child. Then there was A Walk in the Clouds with Keanu Reeves. How handsome he was and how he came to the rescue and fell in love with a Latino gal who was pregnant with her professor’s child and knew her very traditional father would be upset with her. Another memorable one was Father of the Bride 2 with Steve Martin. I was pregnant at the time, and this movie was touching to me in how each of us deals with the phases of our lives–the daughter getting married, the father dealing with losing his daughter, and his wife being pregnant at the same time! Two more that were fun to see as a group were My Big Fat Greek Wedding–the sweet and comical love story that takes the suitor, John Corbet, into the Jewish culture, and then Sandra Bullock’s outstanding performance of southern boldness and hospitality in Blind Side–the mark the Tuohys played on the life of a homeless young black boy, Michal Oher, in providing him a family.

  • Debbie Taggart

    I also rarely went to movies as a kid but I have one great memory of a time I got to go with my best friend Barbara. We got to see “Parent Trap” and we were forever fans of Hailey Mills and we acted out parts of the movie and I even have a photo of the 2 of us with arms and fingers crossed just like they did in the movie. This giveaway movie looks hysterical! I hope I win!!

  • Peggy

    I was born about the same time as you, and can’t wait to see “Going In Style”. I love Alan Arkin, he was great in one of the Get Smart movies. The movie I enjoyed seeing with friends was “Reds”, also about feisty old folks!

  • Evea jackson

    As a school we all watch Beyond the Blackboard’ there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. We also went to McFarland USA, we all loved it.

  • Diane

    Our neighbor just died and it makes you realize how short life can be so enjoy your remaining time on earth!

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