Grandma Camp on a Budget

I have a good friend, Grandma Denise, who is talented, talented, talented. I believe talent is her middle name.

She has clever ideas, does clever crafts, and does clever things with her grandchildren. I believe that clever is her middle name.

Fifteen years ago when she first became a grandmother, she had a neighbor who was also a grandmother and who held a grandma camp for her grandchildren. (The neighbor hired a nanny, a lifeguard, and a 10 passenger van for her week-long grandma camp!)

This neighbor so impressed Grandma Denise, that Grandma Denise decided that she would do a grandma camp for her own grandchildren.

Grandma Denise has held some fabulous grandma camps: a dinosaur dig, cowboy camp, grandma Olympics, pirates, secret agents, actors school, and a wild safari to name a few.

She has become so famous in our neck of the woods that she was on a local TV program.  Here’s a video snippet where she talks about some of her great ideas.

She has created a 109-page book where she describes her camps, gives ideas for invitations, activities, field trips, and even suggests food to fix during the camp. Her booklet has a planning outline and a schedule outline. She even has an emergency and health information document to fill out so that she has necessary medical information in the case of an emergency.

She thinks of everything!

She has a website Grandma Camp where you can check out and order her book. The book costs only $12 (with $4.95 for shipping and handling).

This is the time of year that many grandmothers are thinking of fun activities that they can do with their grandchildren this summer. Holding a grandma camp is an activity that will strengthen your relationship with your grandchildren and build loving memories that will last forever.

So, check out Grandma Camp and check out Grandma Denise’s book called Grandma Camp On a Budget.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail Denise: denisehoops at

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  • Denise

    What a Grrrrt idea, just love it, I am not a grandmother, but I guess voluntering at one of the shelters in my community I can called the adorable children at the shelter my adopted grandchildren, plus my friend became a grandmother for a second time, I am sure she going to love this blog went I sent it to her.

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