Grandma Ideas Link Party 28

This is a truck that we passed as we drove to our friend's home.Yesterday as my husband and I were driving to our friends home we passed this delightful pickup.

It reminds me of something that you might see in the movie Cars.

I really liked the old gas pump.

Do you see the pink pig sitting on the cab?

On our way to our friends' home, we passed this interesting old truck.Do you see the pink flamingo on the back bumper? Isn’t that fun? (My grandmother used to have several flamingos in her yard.)

You know, I can’t get some of the flowers in my yard to bloom very well. I weed them. Well, I have weeded them a whopping 3 times so far this summer . . .

They are watered regularly by our sprinkling system.  (Or so my husband claims . . .) Yet they are quite bedraggled.

And the flowers in this pickup seem to be doing hunky dory.

Is there no justice in the world? Sigh.

Well, enough moaning about not-quite-dead-yet flowers. Let’s get to my Grandma Ideas Sharing Time link party!

Denise Hooper’s link to her Grandma Camp got the most hits. Congratulations, Denise. She is an amazing grandmother and does amazing things with her grandchildren at her grandma camp. I wish I could be like her when I grow up . . .

Denise Hooper has some great ideas for activities to do at a grandma's camp.

Are you ready to party?
Come add a link of two at Grandma Ideas Sharing Time Link Party.Just a brief reminder of how my link party works.

  • Link directly to a specific post – not to your blog’s homepage.
  • Please do not add links to contests, giveaways, other link parties, or Etsy sites.
  • Share anything family-friendly – crafts, recipes, DIY projects, games, books, holiday ideas, technology, etc.
  • Visit other links at the party – and leave a comment if possible. (Everyone loves comments.)
  • Be a sweetheart and follow me on Pinterest. It isn’t required, though.

Feel free to add up to three links.

I’m doing a couple of things a little different this time. First, I’m making it so the pictures to the links are bigger. I think I’ll try that to see how it goes. And, the latest links will be at the top — instead of at the end.

Mixin’ things up is good, eh?

Grandma Ideas link party accepts posts Wednesday through midnight on Friday evening Mountain Standard Time.

Thanks in advance to all of you wonderful people who take time from your busy life to drop by and share a link. You are amazing!

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5 thoughts on “Grandma Ideas Link Party 28

  • Lisa at Grandma's Briefs

    Oh, the weeds! I feel your pain. More so when it comes to flowers not blooming. Mine have all grown big and tall this summer, bigger than ever, but NO BLOOMS on anything that’s a bulb. So frustrating.

    Good luck bloomin’ at your place! Thanks for the party (and reminder!).

  • Michelle

    Nina, I like the larger look of the pictures. I don’t need to squint as much. LOL!! Grandma’s camp, I too wanted to be her. She has more grandchildren than I and they are older, but I grabbed some great ideas from her and tucked them away to use in a couple more years. Made me want to sign up for her camp! Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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