Grandma’s Great Gourd — and Giveaway!

Grandma's Gourd is a delightful book app for children ages 6-8.Did you ever read the story of Three Billy Goats Gruff when you were in elementary school?

There were three billy goats who needed to cross a river. When the first billy goat started over the bridge, a troll (who lived under the bridge) jumped out and threatened to eat the goat.

The goat told the troll to eat the next goat to come along because THAT goat was much fatter.

When the second goat started over the bridge, the troll jumped out and threatened to eat the goat.

The goat told the troll to wait and eat the next goat because THAT goat was much fatter.

Then came along the third goat. Of course the troll jumped out and threatened to eat the billy goat. But the goat butted the troll into the river and he floated away never to bother the goats again.

Remember that?

I just discovered a delightful book app called Grandma’s Great Gourd. It takes place in Bengal.

However, it reminded me lots about those billy goats and that pesky troll.

Here’s a brief version of the story.

Grandma lived in a village in Bengal. (She’s a spunky gal. I like that!) She grew veggies and had two dogs.

Grandma's Gourd is a delightful book app for children ages 6-8.

One day, she received a letter from her daughter. Grandma decided to visit her daughter who lived on the other side of the jungle. Grandma was nervous to enter the jungle because of all of the fierce animals who lived there.

She met a fox who wanted to eat her.

Grandma's Gourd is a delightful book app for children ages 6-8.

She met a tiger and a bear. They wanted to eat her.

She told them to wait because she was so skinny. She would be much fatter after she visited her daughter.

So the animals let her go by.

Grandma had a great time visiting her daughter. When it was time to go home, grandma was scared. She didn’t want those animals to eat her.

Her daughter got a large gourd from her garden and hollowed it out. Grandma climbed in and her daughter shoved the gourd. Grandma was off! Rolling through the jungle.

Grandma's Gourd is a delightful book app for children ages 6-8.

Of course she met the bear, the tiger, and the fox.

And what do you think happened?

I’m not going to tell you because I don’t want to spoil it for you! You’ll have to read it for yourself — especially with a grandchild!

Even though this is a book app, there’s more than just the book that comes with it. There is a section where you can learn about various things in grandma’s world.

Grandma's Gourd is a delightful book app for children ages 6-8.

There’s also a game you can play — roll grandma in a gourd! See how many points you can rack up. But there’s a trick. The game takes a bit of science to know how to get lots of points. So, it’s not a mindless game. It’s one that makes kids think!

You can have the app read the book to you if you want to. That’s nice. Or, you can read the book yourself. You can also record yourself reading the story. Sweet! You can even record your own sound effects. Even sweeter!

There are several reasons why I really like this book app. First, it introduces a culture that isn’t widely known — especially in my neck of the woods. It’s a fun story to listen to. It’s a great way for children to practice their own reading skills. And, it has a challenging game that makes kid think!

It also has a Grownup Guide. It has things that you can do with your grandchildren — a game to play, a recipe to make, an experiment to do. Perfect for time grandma spends with a grandchild!

You can get Grandma’s Great Gourd in iTunes or in Google Play depending on your OS.

Now comes for the really good part.


The great folks at Literary Safari are letting me do a giveaway. Actually, it will be TWO giveaways!

One lucky winner will get a free code to download their copy of Grandma’s Great Gourd for an iOS device and another lucky person will get a free code to download an Android version of the book. That’s TWO winners, folks!

To enter, all you have to do is leave a reply and mention a story that you enjoyed as a child AND include which operating system you would prefer.

That’s all. Pretty simple, huh?

The giveaway will run through midnight on Monday March 20. I will post the winners on Tuesday March 21.

So hurry! Leave a comment. Let me know what OS you want your book app to be. Then, if you are one of the winners,  you’ll have loads of fun reading the book together!

12 thoughts on “Grandma’s Great Gourd — and Giveaway!

  • Laurie Hansen

    Fun theme!! My 6 year old grandson is learning to read and loves to plant seeds to grow treats. We’ve made it into a game. I have an IOS device

  • Nickie R.

    As a teen, I loved Wuthering Heights! I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough so I can introduce it to her! I’m an Android user.

  • Peggy

    I love the illustration!! I am doing some for a book of my own (about a cat), so I appreciate illustrations!!
    I loved the book “The Maggie B.” which is about a big sister taking her brother for a sail. It had great illustrations, too. My granddaughter is 4 and LOVES books.
    IOS operating system

  • irene suniga

    love being a grandma!! thank you for your sights, always encouraged to learn new things …

    grandma irene

  • Andrea

    Sounds like a great story. One of my favorite stories is the “The Biggest Bear” it is about a boy who brings a bear cub home as a pet. They have quite the adventure! Thanks for this opportunity. Android is my system

  • Lynne Luebbers

    I always enjoyed Winnie the Pooh…even before the movie! I use Android. Thank you for the chance!

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