Hallmark Giveaway

It sure is hard to wait for Christmas! Just ask any child. (Or me . . . )

Every day during the holidays, kids wake up asking, and asking, and asking, “When is it going to be Christmas?”

The good folks at Hallmark are letting me sponsor a giveaway of some of their fabulous products that will help answer that question. They have some innovative new digital countdown cards that is a visual — and digital — countdown until THE BIG DAY.

So, instead of having to answer a thousand times a day, your grandchild can look at the digital countdown to get their answer. (Phew! What a relief this is going to be for harried mothers!)

Or, Grandma, you can set the countdown to display how many days until your grandchildren come for a visit or until you go to visit them. This is especially good to send to those over-the-river-and-through-the-woods-and-so-so-far-away grandchildren.

Hallmark also has a terrifically fun recordable wish list card. Your grandchild can record what she wants for Christmas and then send it off in the mail to Santa at the North Pole — or Mom can tuck it away as a keepsake memento.

Watch this little video to get an idea of the recordable card and the countdown until Christmas.


So here’s the deal. Simple post a comment here sharing one of your favorite Christmas memories and you will be entered in my giveaway. The winner will receive a package that includes:

  • An interactive recordable greeting card
  • An interactive countdown greeting
  • A box of Hallmarks fabulous holiday greeting cards

The approximate retail value of this giveaway box is over $45.

So, hurry. Quick post a comment.

My giveaway will close at midnight on Black Friday November 23.


Using random.org, I will randomly select a winner and post the winner’s name on Saturday November 24. Then, Gina, my wonderful Hallmark connection, will pop your package in the mail.

For my Dear Readers who are mothers and not yet a grandmother: This giveaway is NOT limited to grandmothers only. Mothers are more than welcome to enter it, too. This is open to all (even to fathers and grandfathers who might be reading this!).

Disclaimer: I received a free samples of these products. However, that did not influence in any way my opinion of them.

9 thoughts on “Hallmark Giveaway

  • Lara

    I remember going to my grandparents and acting out samuel the lamanite one year and the nativity the next and then going “fishing” for presents with a fishing pole and a sheet. love memories.

  • Cynthia Freeman

    My favorite Christmas memory is putting up the tree and reading the Christmas story….. We always put the tree us on December 17th when I was growing up.

  • D Schmidt

    One of my favorite Christmas memories is my spending my first one with my Husband, he had been in the military for the previous one so it was a very special time for us.

  • Christi Reading

    One of my favorite Christmas memory is when my mother got a bunch of granny white underwear for Christmas as a family gag/joke! I have so many fun and happy memories with my family at Christmas time.

  • Kelly D

    My favorite memory was when I received a Black & White Pound Puppy one Christmas when I was about 6 or 7 years old.

  • Grandma Kc

    Even though Amara is only a mile away she would love having a card with Grampy’s voice! I’m thinking I should have HER record one for him, too! How cool would that be to listen to 10 years from now? Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Evea Jackson

    I recorded a Hallmark book for my Grandchildren in Florida last year. I had my husband read the Santa parts. The report back was that the kids shouted “it’s Papa,” when he started to talk. They were so excited.

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