Halloween Activities

I love strolling out and about on the Internet. Especially when a holiday is coming up.

I see so many talented people.  And, I want to make sure that YOU see the fun things that I see, too.

So, here’s a few links to some of my Halloween finds.

  • Halloween origami box.  This is an activity for older grandchildren.  Ones that has fine motor skills.  And patience.  Not necessarily in that order.
  • Halloween balloon body parts.  Gotta love those eyes!  Will especially appeal to grandsons.
  • Paper witch shoes. A delightful party favor that will appeal to shoe aficionados.
  • Paper ghost garland. Easy to make.  I bet for all of you clever folks out there you can create other Halloween garlands (out of witches,  bats, Frankenstein, pumpkins. . .).
  • Friendly ghost bag.  These are party favors but you could use them as decorations, too.
  • Easy glowing ghosts. These are so easy and great for a dark Halloween night.  Make a whole gaggle of them.

And when you’ve completed all of your crafty activities, make some Black Cat Cookies.  (You might even want to make a candy corn clay pot.)

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