Halloween Party Ideas

Here are some not-so-usual ideas for a Halloween party. Try them!Halloween’s a-comin’. What have you got brewed up for your Halloween party with the grandkids?

If you are like me, coming up with ideas of things to do can be challenging. Plus, you don’t want to do the same things over and over.

You want something new. Something a little unusual. Something that your grandkids haven’t played at school or a friend’s Halloween party.

Lucky for you. I’ve got a couple of ideas for you. Give them a whirl.

I Have a Little Vampire
When you were young, did you ever play the game I Have a Little Doggie and He Won’t Bite You? (We played that at our family reunion on Labor Day weekend and the kiddos loved it!)

Change it to ‘vampire’ instead of dog for your Halloween party.

Don’t know how to play the game? Here’s how. It’s simple.

Have the grandkids sit in a circle on the floor. Choose someone to be It. Give It a hanky or a bandana. It walks around the circle saying, “I have a little vampire and he won’t bit you, and he won’t bit you . . .” As she says ‘won’t bit you,’ she taps one of the kids on the shoulder with the hanky.

She keeps walking around the circle saying the phrase. Then, she says, “But it will bite you!” She drops the hanky on the ground behind one of the kids and runs around the circle.

The person picks up the hanky and chases after It. The person who is It runs around the circle and then sits down in the spot left empty before the person chasing her can tag her. If she isn’t tagged, the other person is now it.

Play continues  until children get tired of playing the game. (Which could take quite some time!)

You could also do a Skeleton Scavenger Hunt or play the Spooky Memory Game or the Skeleton Game.

Or you could play the Dice Game or Zilch.

These chocolate spider leg cookies are easy to make and yummy to eat. They are great for your Halloween party.For treats, you could make Witchy Fingers, Monster Eyeballs, or chocolate spider legs. They are guaranteed crowd pleasers.