Heart Snowflake

Here is a free printable for two snowflakes that have a heart design.The other day I got a request to show how to do a heart snowflake.

At first, I thought that I would do a video demonstrating how to make one.

But then, I realized that I really didn’t need to do another video. I already had one that showed how to fold a snowflake. Folding is the most critical part so be sure you watch the video!

What my Dear Reader really needed was just a pattern.

Being the kind, helpful outta-this-world snowflake cutter, I decided that I would create a pattern.  (I may not be very skilled at doing crafts but I sure can cut great snowflakes!)

I realized that if one Dear Reader would be interested in cutting a heart snowflake then possibly there would be others who would be interested, too.

So here’s the heart snowflake pattern.

Actually, I made two heart snowflakes and both patterns are in the above PDF.  Here are pictures of the two snowflakes.
Here is a free printable for two snowflakes that has a heart design.


Here is a free printable for two snowflakes that has a heart design.

Granddaughters would LOVE making this snowflake — especially for Valentine’s Day.


Fold the snowflake. Print out the heart snowflake pattern.  Cut out the pattern.  Now, you can either trace the pattern onto your folded snowflake or just hold the pattern in place while you cut.  In my humble opinion, it would be easier to trace the pattern and then cut out the snowflake.

On the pattern, I identify the fold side. When you fold the snowflake, there are two fold sides. But one is a solid fold. The other side opens up. When I refer to the fold side on the pattern, it is the solid fold side.

I hope this make sense and that you can follow the pattern.  If this is confusing, let me know!!  I’ll modify the directions so it will be easier to understand.  Send your comments, concerns, or questions to nina @ grandmaideas.com.

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