I’m On TV!

Studio 5, Grandma Ideas was featured on a session of the  Studio 5 TV show!which is part of KSL TV based in Salt Lake City, Utah, approached me and asked if I would be on their program.

Oh, would I, would I?

Of course I said yes!

(I was as giddy as a teenage girl after her first kiss.)

They did a fabulous job! (Thanks Lesli and Kory for making me look good!)

They were amazing people to work with and we had a great time . . . until the melt down that my grand kiddos had at the very end. Little ones can take only so much of being filmed!

Please pop over to Studio 5 to watch the movie. I hope you enjoy it!

The DigiGram on Studio 5, KSL TV.


2 thoughts on “I’m On TV!

  1. Denise

    You did great! You looked real good too. New career? I was soooo nervous when I was on Studio5, live no less. You are right that they are all so nice that it makes you feel ok.

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