Jack-O-Lantern Luminaries

Amanda is so talented and has such creative ideas. You’ve just GOT to get your grandchildren together and make a herd of these luminaries!

You simply find empty jars, slap a coat of paint on the outside, sketch facial features with a black sharpie, and paint them is with black paint. And there you have it. (Well, those are my directions. Amanda puts it a little more eloquent and easy-to-follow.)

Please go to her site to see her step-by-step directions and other photos and ideas of luminaries. You’ll notice that she doesn’t just stick with making orange pumpkin luminaries. She has yellow ones, purple ones, and green ones. Sheesh, you could use any color that you happened to have on hand if you want. That would make your luminaries ‘edgy’!

She uses pint canning jars. In reality, you could use any shaped jar: jelly jars, mustard jars, pickle jars, spice jars, vinegar jars.

You really don’t have to use your painted jars just for luminaries. You could fill them with popcorn or candy. Or, they could just be decorations.

Whatever you use them for and whatever you put them in, be sure to put this on your to-do-list to make this easy Halloween craft with your grandchildren.

Oh, and take a moment to check out making some jar-o-lanterns, too.

Happy Halloween!