Lewis Day

Create your own family holiday by celebrating your family's birthday -- the day you got married. (That’s when your family was ‘born.’) Then, throughout the day, do one activity from every holiday throughout the year. Read all about how to create this fun holiday for your family.When our children were little, I instituted a family holiday called Lewis Day (based on our family name).

Lewis Day was on my anniversary.  Since that day was the ‘birth’ day of our family unit, I decided to celebrate it with our kids as a birthday would be celebrated.

But with a twist.

I didn’t do ‘birthday’ type of activities.  Instead, we celebrated by rolling all of the national holidays into our Lewis Day.  I put up a smattering of decorations for ALL of the holidays and did as many holiday activities that we possibly could fit into the day.

We made and decorated ( and ate!) Valentine shaped cookies. We trick-or-treated in reverse where we delivered treats.   The kids selected one friend and gave him/her a plate of treats with an accompanying poem that I wrote explaining our trick-or-treat in reverse.

A few days before Lewis Day, I took the kids shopping for ‘Christmas’ presents.  They could spend only one dollar on a gift for each of their siblings.  (This was in the day WAY before the advent of the Dollar Stores so we had to do some really creative shopping.)  First thing in the morning, the children ran downstairs to see what ‘Santa’ left (usually a game) and to open the presents from the family.  I hid jelly beans for an Easter Egg hunt.  We sang Christmas carols during the day, flew an American flag, and had a special ‘Thanksgiving’ meal.

This was a ‘holiday’ that our children really looked forward to every year.

Which brings me to today’s post.  Last night, our youngest son and his wife and their beautiful almost two-month old son came over for supper.  They had made homemade licorice which we ate while we played a game.  I ate and ate and ate licorice.  I ate licorice until I almost had an upset stomach . . . I heart licorice.

When they were getting ready to leave, they insisted that we keep some of their licorice.  I took a small handful out of the bowl.  Our son insisted we needed more.  (I knew the scales would tell me differently.)  Then, our son started ‘hiding’ them around the house.  He told his wife all about Lewis Day and she jumped right in and helped ‘hide’ the candy around the house.  (Can you see the licorice wrapped in white paper that was ‘hidden’ on the stairs??)

This made me think that I need to re-institute Lewis Day — only this time, do it with my grandchildren.  I’m sure they, too, would find it a delightful holiday.  At least I’m hoping they will!

This would be a fun holiday for you to create for your grandchildren.  You don’t necessarily have to have it around your anniversary like I did.  You can pick any date that works for you.  Just remember to use the same date year after year so that it can become a tradition that your grandchildren can look forward to.

Hope you have a fun time creating your own special family holiday!

5 thoughts on “Lewis Day

  • DigiGram Post author

    Bristy’s blooper is way funny! I love the bowling tournament. I’m going to do that — once my grandchildren get a little bit older.

  • Denise

    We do an annual bowling tournement in honor of my husband and mine fathers who have now passed away. Both fathers bowled on leagues at one time or another. We have trophys made from old bowling pins and award one for high series, high game w/o bumpers, high game w/bumpers, and trick shot (this came about after Bristy managed to have a pin fly into the ball return shoot and had to have the attendant remove three lengths of the cover to get it out!). We hold this on a date between our father’s birthdays, sometime between Jan and March. This is great to add a holiday in the winter. From now on though it will be at our house with the Wii, much cheaper and can be scheduled whenever we want it.

  • Christi

    I have many fun memories doing Lewis Day! It is a tradition that I am going to start with my little family. That would be fun if you extended the tradition to them…even if you did keep it on your anniversary!

  • DigiGram Post author

    Yeah, it’s a good idea to spread the holidays throughout the year! Let me know how it goes.

  • Lisa

    What a great idea! I love that and plan to institute it with my grandkids … although not on my anniversary because that’s only one day later than Bubby’s birthday.

    Thanks for the idea!

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