Lighted Easter Eggs

Try something a little different this Easter. Have an Easter Egg hunt at night. Kids love finding these lighted Easter Eggs.(Note: I am out of town this week. So, I’m posting some of my popular Easter posts from earlier years.)

Grandpa and I just HAD to drop in and see our new little grandson. And I’m glad we did. I saw a fabulous Easter egg idea.

Our niece purchased some ‘jewel’ Easter eggs from Target. Then, she went to Michael’s craft store and bought some small battery-powered LED lights. (She found them in the section with bridal stuff.) She put a light in each egg. When the light was turned on, it glowed through the egg and looked really cool. She gave a bucket of these eggs to our grandson. What a kind niece!

Here’s a picture of some of the eggs.

Here is a picture of what the little LED lights look like.

And here are some pictures of my cute grandson with an Easter egg. Actually, only half of an Easter egg . . .

Wouldn’t it be fun to have an Easter egg hunt in the dark for older grandchildren? After they found their lighted eggs, you could have an egg rolling contest to see who could roll their lighted egg the fastest from a starting line to the finish line. Of course doing it in the dark.

You could play catch with the lighted eggs.

You could do a towel toss where two grandchildren hold the edges of a towel and toss a lighted egg to another set of grandchildren holding a towel. (This is like a water balloon toss.)

You can play Duck, Duck, Goose and use a lighted egg instead of a handkerchief. (Duck, Duck, Goose is basically a game of tag where everybody sits in a circle facing inwards. One grandchild is selected to be IT. IT takes the lighted egg and goes around the outside of the circle lightly tapping each grandchild on the head saying, “Duck, duck, duck . . .” When he says “Goose,” he drops the egg behind that grandchild and runs around the circle. The other grandchild picks up the egg and chases after IT trying to tag IT before IT makes it around the circle and into the spot vacated by the ‘goose.’ If IT is tagged by the goose, he stays IT and goes around tapping grandchildren again. If the goose can’t catch IT, he becomes IT.)

Play freeze tag. One grandchild is IT. When IT tags another grandchild, that grandchild freezes and stays frozen until another grandchild touches him with a lighted Easter egg.

What other activities could you do with a lighted Easter egg??