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Little Peanut on the Go is a great app for grandparents when they babysit their grandchildren(Note: I was given a pro version of Little Peanut on the Go so that I could evaluate this app. However, that did not influence my opinion.)

Raise your hand if you have ever babysat your grandkids.

Raise your hand if your grandkids have ever spent the night at your house.

Raise your hand if your grandkids have spent the weekend with you — or have stayed with you for an extended period of time.

I thought so.

I daresay that at one time or another most grandchildren spend time at their grandparents’ home. Grandmas, how would you like your life to get a lot easier when your grandkids come to stay? I’ve got just the thing for you.

Little Peanut on the Go is an app that can provide all sorts of valuable information to grandparents when their grandkids come for a visit. It can be a great help to parents AND grandparents

But first, lemme tell you a story.

We were babysitting our oldest grandson after our daughter-in-law had her second baby. I was so excited that he could spend the week with us.

On the second day of his visit, red welts started appearing on his little body. On the second day, there were more.

I was really concerned. Was he allergic to anything I fed him? Allergic to the soap I used to wash the sheets on his bed? Allergic to something outside?

Little Peanut on the Go is a great app for grandparents when they watch their grandchildren

Doesn’t that look awful? I had never seen anything like this before!

When those red welts appeared by his eyes, I freaked out. What was happening to my precious little grandson? Would those welts affect his eyesight? (They were SUPER close to his eyes.)

After a panicked call to my son and daughter-in-law, I decided to take him to a near-by pediatrician. (I almost felt like a worried new mother!)

Come to find out, our grandson was allergic to the penicillin that he had taken just before he came to stay with us. There wasn’t anything I could do about it. And, everything was really okay.

If I had had Little Peanut on the Go, I would have been able to weather that experience so much easier.

Little Peanut on the Go is an app where parents can enter in all sorts of information about their kids — emergency contacts, medical information, and care instructions and schedules. Parents can share that information with the caregiver. (In this instance, the grandma.)

Parents can set up different types of plans: for a sitter (where kids will be home with a caregiver), for an overnight stay away from home with a caregiver, for a family outing (where parents and kids go together), and a getaway where the kids and parents will be away from home and away from each other.

Parents then share those plans with the appropriate caregiver.

As my daughter and I tried out this app, we found it to be super easy to use. It was easy for my daughter to set up information about her kids and to send me a caregiver’s plan. It was also easy for her to provide me information about their upcoming outing (where they were going to Moab, Utah, for a little trip before school started).

There was only one thing that my daughter wished that the app would do. When creating an outing plan, which allowed her to create a packing list of things to take, she couldn’t indicate how many items of one thing. For instance, she wished that she could have put in how many pairs of pants and how many shirts for her daughters that she wanted to take on their trip. (Maybe they will change this in a future upgrade.)

This app will give parents peace of mind knowing that grandparents have all of the necessary information while they are watching the grandkids. Grandparents will have peace of mind because that information is safe in one place — and not on slips of paper that could get lost or accidentally thrown away.

School will be starting soon. Many families take one last little trip before it starts. This is the perfect time of year to get and use this app! (It would also be great around the upcoming holidays, too!)

Quick! Make sure you get it now! It is available through Google play and the Mac App Store. It is free for the caregivers and $2.99 for parents.

So, if your grandkids come spend the night, the weekend, or for an extended time, get Little Peanut on the Go. You, your kids, and grandkids will be glad you did!

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