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Do you have family members who live faraway? If so, start a Mailbox Monday activity. Here are 9 ideas of things you can do.The other day, I saw a website that did a ‘Mailbox Monday’ post.  I thought that was a clever catchy title.  I wanted to share that little phrase with you, my Dear Reader.  Maybe you haven’t heard of it before, like I hadn’t.

You can dub your Mondays as Mailbox Monday and make a special effort to send e-mail to your grandchildren that day.

Do you worry that you’ll run out of things to say if you e-mail them every Monday?  Why not send them a joke, a recipe, a photo you took, or a motivating quote? Send them a fun quiz or create a logic puzzle for older grandchildren.

Share the story about the day your grandchild was born and how you felt — especially when you were first able to hold your newborn bundle of joy.

Send a story about something their parent (your child) did when s/he was your grandchild’s age.

Share an interesting news story that they might not be aware of.

Most importantly, tell them how special they are and that you love them.

Teen-aged grandchildren disdain e-mail.  It’s oh so old-fashioned.  They’re into texting.  So, have a Texting Tuesday for them.  (Ha!  I made that phrase up . . . or at least I’ve never seen or heard anybody using that before . . .)  Do a Texting Tuesday — assuming you have a cell phone AND that you know how to text.  🙂

Thanks for sharing!

5 thoughts on “Mailbox Monday

  • DigiGram Post author

    Susan, thanks for the reinforcement of how important it is to use technology to stay connected to older grandchildren!

  • Susan Adcox

    My three oldest grandchildren are 17, 13 and 12, and I can tell you that if you don’t text, email, or Facebook, you will miss out on a lot as your grandkids get older!

  • DigiGram Post author

    Ellen — Facebook Friday — what a terrific, catchy idea! I’m into Facebook but hadn’t thought of that. Thanks for the great suggestion

  • Nana Jo

    What a great idea! My oldest grandchild, aged six, lives several hundred miles from me and she loves it when she receives mail from Nana and Papa. I usually pop little things into snail mail about once a month, but I hadn’t thought of e-mailing her.

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