Make a Mummy with Your Grand-Mummy

What do you think of the title of this post? Clever, eh?

Cheesy, you say?  Downright ridiculous?  Well!

I almost got hurt from patting myself on the back after I thought of it.

I have come across some clever, clever mummy craft activities.  Ones that are simple. Ones that are very easy for grandchildren to make.  And, they are also inexpensive.

If you’ll apologize for saying my title was cheesy, I’ll share those ideas with you.

Are we friends?  Good.

This paper plate mummy is a super easy Halloween craft for kids.

Here we go.  Make an easy-peasy mummy out of a paper plate. You could cut different sized circles out of lightweight cardboard (I’m thinking cereal boxes, folks) so that you can have different sizes of mummies.  Daddy mummies.  Mummy mummies. Baby mummies. (Mummy mummies . . . I just can’t keep my creativity in check, you know. . . )

You can also make mini mummies out of Popsicle sticks or craft sticks. (Lest you roll your eyes at the ‘mini mummies’ phrase, let me tell you that that is the phrase from this website.  It’s not of my creativity.)

What about making a mummy out of a clay pot? Fun idea, I’d say.  The directions call for using an old t-shirt.  If you’ve got old t-shirts on hand, this is a good recycling project.  But I think that cheesecloth would make a classier mummy.  (Do mummies have class?)

These mummy heads are delightful.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have a flock of them sitting on your bookshelf?

Here are directions for a mummy candy holder made out of a plastic water bottle.  You can make a yummy mummy treat cup out of a plastic cup, too.  (Disclaimer: while my medula oblongata is a clever word user, alas I did not come up with the yummy mummy phrase.  Wish I had, though.)

Don’t you think that these would be fun activities to do at a Halloween party hosted at grand-mummy’s house?

(I think that I need to go to my thesaurus to find synonyms for the word fun . . . )


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