Make a Tom Turkey with Grandkids

This foam tom turkey is an easy craft for kids. Free printable pattern.My father was a very talented woodworker. He made beautiful wooden candlesticks, bowls, plates, wooden antique cars, and end tables.

One Thanksgiving, he made a two-piece wooden turkey.

Last year my sister, Kathy, came up with a fun craft based on that turkey.

She traced around the wooden turkey that Dad made for her and created a pattern. Then, she went to Wal-Mart and got some sheets of sticky-back craft foam.

She removed the backing from the foam pad and placed it on a sheet of scrapbooking paper pressing firmly to adhere the craft paper.

Then, she used the pattern and cut out the two interlocking pieces of the turkey. Then, she put the turkey together. Voila! She had the cutest little blue turkey that you ever did see!



I thought that I would show you how to make this cute tom turkey. Grandchildren will really enjoy making a flock of them.

You’ll need some sheets of craft foam and a pair of scissors. That’s all.

(This is going to be a way easy craft!)


First, print off theĀ  turkey pattern. There are 2 pattern pieces. Cut them both out.

I found that it was easier to have the pattern pre-cut and not have to cut through the paper pattern and the craft foam at the same time.

(Could that be because my scissors are dull? Probably…)


You’ll now have two pieces. This is what they will look like.


Slip the ‘tail’ feathers into the slit that is on the turkey’s back.


Ta da! That’s it! You’ve made yourself a tom turkey.





When I made the brown one, I decided to give him eyes, a wattle, and a beak.

I think he turned out rather fun. What do you think?

You could make a turkey out of the heavy card stock scrapbook paper with a fun print. That would probably be strong enough. (I tried making a turkey out of plain construction paper and that paper was just too flimsy.)

Have fun making lots of these little fellows with your grandchildren! Let me know how they turn out for you.

Remember, if your grandchildren don’t live close to you, you can always mail them the pattern and the supplies so they could make them at their home.

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