Make Bookmarks with Grandchildren

Here are directions to make bookmarks that slip over the corners of pages. Directions and free printable included.Grandma Denise, creator of the Grandma Camp book, gave me a little present — a paper box filled with bookmarks that she had made herself.

Those bookmarks were amazing.  Simply amazing. She gave me 12 of them.

(Either she knew how much I read and how many books I read at one time — or else she realized that I probably wouldn’t be able to keep track of my bookmarks.

Methinks it was probably all of the above!)

Those bookmarks slip over the corner of the page in your book. Since they are so delightful, I thought that I would share how to make them.

Never fear.  If I can make them, as non-crafty as my fabulously clumsy fingers are, ANYBODY can make them — right down to the smallest grandchild who can handle scissors and glue.

It took me about 20 minutes to make one — and that included spending 4 minutes searching for a ruler, 10 minutes trying to get my scanner to work with my new computer and then resorting to using my old computer, 3 minutes making the bookmark, and 3 minutes taking pictures of it.

Since I have created a pattern for you to use, I’ve saved you the hassle of finding a ruler and drawing your own pattern.  Aren’t I nice?  (I thought so . . .)

So here’s what you need:

  • my handy dandy bookmark pattern (below)
  • paper (double sided scrap booking paper works great but whatever you have on hand will do)
  • scissors
  • glue

Step 1: Print up this bookmark pattern. Cut it out. Trace it on your paper.

Step 2: cut your bookmark out.

Step 3: fold over the two “wings” so your bookmark is a square. Glue the top “wing” to the bottom “wing.”

Step 4: pat yourself on the back. You’ve just make your bookmark.

Summer’s a comin’. That’s when grandchildren have time to sit in the shade, eat a Popsicle, and read a good book.

So, grab a grandchild and some colorful paper and make a flock of these cute bookmarks.

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