Make Bunnies with Your Grandchildren

I’ve decided that I have focused too much on the egg-ness of Easter. Now, it’s time to give the poor Easter bunny his fair share of the time.

So, I have found some directions and tutorials on how to make bunnies.

  • DIY Stuffed Easter bunny has a pattern that you download for free, print on inkjet fabric or iron-on transfer paper, cut it out, sew it up, and stuff it. This is simple enough that a grandchild who is a beginning sewer could make. Cute, easy.
  • Bunny pillow tutorial is for making a simple bunny and a pillow. I would change two things on this idea. First, it calls for making a slit in the back to stuff the bunny and then stitching it closed. I would rather leave a section of the seam open, turn it right side out, stuff it, and then stitch it closed on the seam. The second thing, I wouldn’t make a big pillow. I would just make a simple ‘pocket’ for the bunny to go in. I’d get two rectangle pieces of cloth, sew three sides to form a pocket, and then do a clean finish on the top edge. It would be fun to sew rick rack or lace on the pocket — if this were for a granddaughter. If it was for a grandson, I’d probably cut out a back pocket from a pair of Levis.
  • The sitting rabbit pattern is very simple, too. To make it even easier, instead of hand embroidering the eyes, nose, and mouth, you could draw them on with a permanent marker or sew buttons on for the eyes and do a simple straight basting stitch for the nose and mouth.
  • Ballet Bunny is another simple bunny to make. Again, if you don’t want to stitch on the face details, you could draw it with a marking pen. Just make sure you test the pen on a scrap of fabric before you sew it so you can see if the pen bleeds. (If it bleeds, the lines that you draw will not be distinct. The ink will ‘run’ and the lines will be blurry.)
  • This mooshy bunny is made out of old t-shirts. Again, this is easy enough for a grandchild to sew. Great bonding time for you and your grandchild! (This is my second favorite bunny idea here.)
  • And, my favorite bunny here is the Valentine bunny.  I think the person that made this bunny is just using it for decoration — and not for a child to play with. I think that if you make this, it should be so that your grandchild could play with it. She glued pom poms on for the eyes and the nose. She didn’t mention what type of glue that she used. If this bunny is for a young grandchild, I would probably sew on buttons for eyes instead of using pom poms (so the pom poms wouldn’t get pulled off). For older grandchildren, I would probably use a super glue or glue gun instead of a tacky glue or Elmer’s white glue.

Happy sewing!