Make Jar-O-Lanterns with Your Grandchildren

I love Halloween.  Call me creepy, devilish, and down-right un-Christian if you will.  But really, I’m not like that at all.  Just ask my mother.

Maybe I like Halloween because orange and yellow are my favorite colors.  Maybe it’s because I believe candy should be one of the four food groups. 🙂  Maybe it’s because I like the jaunty Jack-O-Lanterns,  wacky witches, and goofy ghosts.  Maybe it’s because I like the light and whimsical things of Halloween.  (I do have issues though with mothers who show eight-year-old girls evil, scary movies at birthday parties in October that make the girls afraid to go to bed at night for months afterward — especially when one of those eight-year-old girls happens to be my daughter!!!)

So it is no surprise that I fell in love with these jar-o-lanterns.  Aren’t they just the cat’s meow?

I know that I’m as skilled at crafting as King Kong is at ballet. But, so what?  I think even someone with my scantily craft-skilled fingers can manage making these Halloween candy jars.

Grab plenty of empty jars and paint and set a play date with your grandchildren to create your own jar-o-lanterns.  What a great way to spend a fall Saturday afternoon in October with your grandchildren.  Just be sure to have extra candy on hand to munch on so you and your grandchildren will have enough strength and energy while making this craft.

If your grandchildren do not live close enough that they could come to your house to make a jar-o-lantern, you’ve got plenty of time to make some and mail them to your grand wee ones.  I think that they will be delighted to get them in the mail (especially if they are brimming full of candy).