Make Jewelry with Your Granddaughters

Last year I made some bracelets and tucked them in with ‘larger’ Christmas presents.  Did I write about that idea on this website?  Not even.  I should have shouted it from the roof tops because this is one craft that I can do.  Successfully.  Without any problems. All ten of my fingers cooperated so that I had a pleasing and satisfying experience Maybe it’s because I got an A in stringing macaroni on yarn in grade school.

Here are the bracelets I made for myself.  (I guess I could travel around the state to take pictures of the ones I gave away to others.  But, I’m too lazy.)

All I did was get the stretchy white plastic elastic (in the jewelry section of the craft store), thread the beads on the elastic, tie a square knot, and add a smidgen of Super Glue on top of the knot so it wouldn’t come undone.  I pulled the knot (while the glue was still wet) into one of the beads.  That way the knot wouldn’t be noticeable and then the glue would dry inside the bead creating a strong bond to the inside of the bead so the knot wouldn’t come undone.

I think that since my bracelet making experience was so successful (my only problem was spilling the beads) that maybe I ought to expand my repertoire to making some simple drop earrings.

Beadage has some very easy directions for making drop earrings.  So easy I’m absolutely positive that I could make them!  You just get a head pin, slide on the desired beads, make a loop on the end, and slip it onto fish hook ear wires.

I thought these earrings from Elegant Crafts and Homemade Gifts were pretty.  (I liked the purple ones — they’d go nicely with my bracelet.)

They have lots and lots of good pictures with their directions.  Nice.

Making bracelets and earrings would be a simple project that could be completed in under an hour. What a delightful activity to do with your granddaughters. Or, instead maybe you might want to give them as Christmas presents to your granddaughters.

I think that jewelry is always a crowd pleaser with girls whether they are young or not so young — and whether they are making them or receiving them!

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