Make Pop-ups with Your Grandchildren

Have loads of fun with your kids by making these paper pop-ups!Robert Sabuda is a children’s book illustrator.  And creator of pop-up books.  His website offers simple pop-ups you can make. This would be an easy, great, and inexpensive activity to do with your grandchildren.

He has several Halloween pop-ups: a witch, bat, and this endearing Frankenstein.  He also has pop-up directions for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.

He has a unicorn, a ship, a bee, a mammoth, an angel, and a spider.

You can download free tutorials to make all of these wonderful pop-ups. They will give your grandkids hours of fun making them!

Folding the pop-up turkey would keep grandchildren busy while grandma is wrestling the turkey in the kitchen.  Older grandchildren can supervise younger grandchildren in the making of these pop-ups if the turkey in the kitchen starts winning the battle against grandma . . .).

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