Make Your Own Cartoons and Cartoon Books

ToonDoo is a fun, fun and FREE site where you can create your own cartoons.To know me is to know I love all things technology. (Well, except for a remote control. I don’t use it very often — like once a year — so I really don’t know how to use it very well!)

I came across a fun, fun website that I just HAD to share with you, Dear Readers. I think you and your grandkids will have loads of fun playing around on it.

It’s called ToonDoo and is a site where you can create cartoon strips. It’s free and really easy to use. 

Here’s a little something that I created in about 10 minutes. (It’s a shameless plug for my Grandma Ideas site!)

Did I draw the characters?


Did I sketch the backgrounds?


Did I color anything?


I did type in what they said . . .

This amazing site has a plethora of templates to choose from. They have people — boys, girls, moms, dads, grandparents. They have all sorts of ‘props’ — balls, trees, flowers, food, park benches, tractors, boats, planes, flags, castles, igloos, tents, tall buildings and tons of other stuff. They have different sets and scenery — parks, deserts, cities, fantasy worlds, outer space, and different sports arenas.

You can choose your layout to be vertical or horizontal and whether or not there is one, two, or three panels for your cartoon.

Can you click? Can you drag? (We’re talking mice here.) If so, you can create a cartoon.

If you create several panels, you can put them together into a digital book. Again, just clicking and dragging are the only necessary skills.

You can keep your cartoon and book private or publish it for the whole world to see. Or, you can invite just your family and friends to view it. You can save it to your computer and you can print it up.

There’s four other areas on the site (in addition to the cartoon maker and the book maker) of things that you can do. Lots to do on this site!

Here’s how I think that grandmothers can use this site.

  • Sit down at a computer with a grandchild and create a caroon together.
  • Get a binder and and save the cartoons that you created with your grandchild. Every so often, make a new cartoon and put it in your binder. Then, spend time reading (and laughing and enjoying) the cartoons that you have made when your grandchild comes to visit.
  • For those far away grandchildren, send them the link to the site (  Ask them to share with you something that they have created.
  • Ask grandchildren to create a cartoon with family members in it: their mom, dad, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles — and of course you and grandpa.
  • Suggest to elementary age grandchildren that they use their spelling words as part of the dialogue of the cartoon.
  • Have a grandchild create a cartoon based on a current event (like the Olympics that are going on in London as we speak), a book that they have read, what they did over the summer vacation, or based on them and their pet.
  • If you will be having a family gathering, ask different grandchildren to create a cartoon to share at the gathering. Maybe even have a cartoon contest and give prizes for the funniest, goofiest, out-of-this-world, etc.

Hope you have loads of fun making cartoons with your grandchildren!

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