Match My App – A Great Party Game

Match My App is a great game for a party or family gathering. Use the FREE printable and find others at the activity who has the same apps (or pictures) as you do on your cell phone.I love to party!

As a teen, I gathered neighborhood friends to come play games in our basement. As a college student, a group of us would play Murder in the Dark or the Dictionary Game. (I love those games!) I continued having friends over to party during my adult years.

And, now as a grandma, I especially love to party with the grands! So, I’m ALWAYS on the lookout of fun things to do with the grandkids.

While thinking about the upcoming birthday party to celebrate my mother’s 90th birthday, I came up with the Match My App game. (Match My App . . . Isn’t that a clever title that I came up with?)

I think this game will be a great party mixer!

I also think that this game could be a fun activity to play at a family gathering with your grandkids — especially those teens who have cell phones.

To play, print out my Match My App FREE printable. Give a copy and a pencil to every person at your gathering and have everyone get out their cell phone.

On the printable, there are lists of apps, games, and pictures. (Some of the games and apps are for an iPhone and some are for Android phones. So, it wouldn’t be possible for someone to have all of the games and apps on their phone.)

Players have to find someone who has the apps, games, or photos on their cell phone. If they do, that person signs their name on the line next to the item.

A person can only sign his name three times to someone else’s paper. (If you don’t have many people at your activity, you can let them have more than three signatures from one person.)

Give players 15 minutes to play the game. At the end of the time, see who has the most signatures. The one with the most is the winner. Ta da!

To add a wee bit more fun, give a prize for those who have a picture of their grandmother (you) on their phone.

There are a couple of other things that you could do to add to the fun.

Before your activity, contact one person who will be coming to your party. Ask her to have a specific game, app, or picture on her phone. Then, she become the mystery person.

At the end of the game, everybody who has the mystery person’s signature next to that specific game (that you asked her to have on their phone) gets a prize.

Or, you could select something from the free printable yourself. That becomes the ‘mystery’ item. Players who have someone’s signature next to that item gets a prize.

When you’re finished playing this game, you could extend your fun and play the Smart Phone Game!

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