Mazes for Your Grandchildren

Here are 5 free mazes to print out for kids to do as they are waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to be ready.If your house is like mine on Thanksgiving, it’s rather crazy about an hour before we sit down to eat.

I’m busy in the kitchen directing people to set the table, fill the water glasses, fold the napkins.

I’m searching for spoons! Get out more serving spoons!

I’m also scorching the spuds. Making lumpy gravy.

Hovering over grandpa as he carves the turkey. (A most essential task here on my part . . .)

It is during that time that I am not really available to pay attention to the grandkids. They need something to do to keep them happy and occupied — and not thinking about how hungry they are. (And not running around the kitchen table knocking off the china plates or glass goblets.)

I have created 5 mazes that you could print up beforehand and have your grandchildren do.

Most of them are fairly easy. The last one, however, is hard. Mega hard. Super duper ooper hard. (That’s what my oldest grandson would say.)

It’s is for those older kiddos — oh, and the grandkids, too. If anybody isn’t in the kitchen helping in some way, challenge them to see who could be the first one to make it through the maze.

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