National Game and Puzzle Week

National Game and Puzzle Week is the week of Thanksgiving. Celebrate it by playing games or putting puzzles together with your family.Word on the street has it that the week of Thanksgiving is National Game and Puzzle Week.

How did you find that out? you ask.

By reading the AARP magazine. (Sheesh! What does that say about me if that’s my reading material, eh?)

My all-time favorite game is Boggle. Love, love that game! Spoons is right next to Boggle.

Well, this is a wonderful national holiday to celebrate with your family. Good times and great memories can be had by all.

I thought that I would share the games that I have written about. That way, you’ll have a plethora to choose from as you gather as a family for Thanksgiving.

The Name Game (my most popular posts)

The Candy Bar Game (my next most popular post)


Zilch (a dice game)

Spaz (a card game)

Snap (a card game)

The Dice Game

Dice Game – War

Left Right Center Candy Game

Hot Lava

Murder in the Dark

There’s always the good ol’ standby games such as Sorry, Life, Monopoly, Scrabble, Scategories, Apples to Apples, and Dominoes.

Our youngest son never did like the card game Phase 10 but my husband and I like to play it with another couple. We also like to play the game Ticket to Ride with them. Fun!

My 89 year-old mother enjoys Rook — and we enjoy playing it with her. In fact, any time a group of us get together and she’s there, she wants to play Rook. And, we happily oblige.

Since this national holiday also includes puzzles, I encourage you to put a puzzle together as a family. It’s a great activity that strengthens mental acuity — both for kids and those of us aging elders who might be facing Alzheimer’s.

Have a happy National Game and Puzzle week, my friends!