Create Your Own National Holiday

Have great fun with your kids and create you own 'national' holiday.The other day I stumbled upon another grandma’s blog and she has some great ideas! Connie’s site is Play Wit Me Nana.

She celebrated National Visor Day with her granddaughter. She purchased a soft rubber visor from a local craft store and together they decorated their visors with glitter, sponge flowers, sequins, and jewels. You can read her post and see the pictures of the visors they made. What a fun activity for a grandmother to do with her granddaughter!!

You can make up your own ‘national days’ to celebrate with your grandchildren. Here are a few ideas that I came up with:

  • National Puzzle Day (put puzzles together and/or make your own puzzles)
  • National Candy Making Day (spend the day making, eating, and sharing candy)
  • National Puppet Day (make hand puppets, write skits, and put them on)
  • National Dress Up Day (play dress up with some of grandma’s clothing and shoes — be sure to take pictures!)
  • National Photography Day (take pictures with a digital camera and make a book out of them)
  • National Park Day (go from park to park to park and play on the different playgrounds)
  • National Rock Day (hunt for pretty rocks to collect and display)
  • National Bubble Gum Day (have a bubble bum blowing contest with 5 different varieties of bubble gum)
  • National Bike Day (weave crepe paper in your bike spokes and ride bikes around the block in a parade fashion)
  • National Blogging Day (help your grandchildren start their own blog)

Be wild. Be wacky. Come up with your own ideas for a national holiday. If it is a success and is enjoyed by your grandchildren, you can continue holding it every year. Make it an annual event. Then, your grandchildren would look forward the tradition of having a wacky national celebration.

Connie also has done crafts with Perler beads , made collages, and has done wood burning on boxes. I recommend that you take a look at her site — you’ll find some fun activities to do with your grandchildren.

Happy celebrating!

Thanks for sharing!

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