Need Labels? Try Labely!

Make fun free labels at labeley.comWhen I’m in the middle of wrapping Christmas present, I need labels.

I dig around in my box that holds the bows and labels.

I find bows. Lots!

But. Where. Are. The. Labels?

I KNOW I bought some last year at the after Christmas sales. I know I did!

Didn’t I?

I dig some more.

Can’t find them. Rats!

I have to resort to either using a marker to write on the present or making a tag out of an index card that isn’t at all Christmas-y looking.

Does that happen to you? If so, I have a superb solution for you:!

On, you can make custom labels — for FREE! Yes, folks, you saw that right. Free.

All you have to do is design a label using their simple-to-use online interface. No design experience required. Sweet!

Then, you right-click on your label, download it, and print it up. No more skiwampus, pathetic looking labels!

Here are a few labels that I made for you, Dear Readers, that you can use for free. (Click on the image to bring up the size to save to your computer.)

This is a teeny tiny sampling of Christmas labels that you can make.

Make fun free labels at

Make fun free labels at

Make fun free labels at


Make fun free labels at

Make fun free labels at

Make fun free labels at

Make fun free labels at

Lemme show you how easy it is to make a label. Here is a picture of the site.

Make fun free labels at

Start at the top. Click on shape and then choose the shape of the label you want.

Then, click on border if you want to add a border.

Clicking on background gives you choices in background color and background design.

Click on graphic to select one for your label.

To add text, click on text, select the font you want to use and then type in your messages. If you want to add your own graphic, click on upload.

When you are satisfied, you click save. Your saved designs are under “My Designs.” If you want to download your label, simply click on My Designs. Right click on the label you want. A pop-up window will give you the option to download it.

See. Now isn’t that easy?

Don’t stop at making just Christmas labels. You can make some for St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. You can make kid labels, beer labels, and wine labels. And, of course you can create business labels.

If you don’t want to download your labels to print yourself, you can have print them for you. Cool.

Here’s a shout out to Labely,com for offering a very welcomed, very easy to use, and wonderful service of making labels. Way to go!

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