Oliver the Ornament

Oliver the Ornament is a sweet story about one family's cherished Christmas ornament.(NOTE: I was given an Oliver the Ornament gift set — book and ornament — for review but all opinions are my own.)

Do you have Christmas ornaments that you put on your tree year after year?

I do.

The felt ones I made for our first Christmas together as newlyweds when we were too poor to purchase ornaments.

The ones I painted when tole painting was in vogue. (Did you ever do tole painting?)

The ones I crocheted when I was VERY pregnant with our daughter and VERY anxious for her to be born.

I bet that you have your own special ornaments. And maybe you even tell your grandchildren the stories of how you got them and why they mean so much to you.

Todd M. Zimmermann has written a heart-warming story about an ornament named Oliver. Oliver was the very first ornament purchased by a couple. Every year, they lovingly put him on their Christmas tree and fondly remembered how the ornament came into their lives.


This year, Oliver is injured. He has a broken arm!

And, Edsel, a fire truck ornament, bullies Oliver. Edsel convinces other ornaments to bully Oliver, too. Oh no!

Then, Edsel plots to have Oliver hidden away so Oliver won’t be put on the Christmas tree.


Will the ornaments stop bullying Oliver? Will Oliver be forgotten? Will he get put on the Christmas tree this year?

I’m not going to tell you how the story ends. You’ll have to read it yourself to find out. 🙂

This book and ornament come in a very lovely gift set. The sides of the box magnetically close which is I think is really cool. The box is sturdy and will help keep the book and the ornament in good condition from year to year.

Oliver the Ornament is a sweet story about one family's cherished Christmas ornament.

I was also impressed at how solid Oliver. This will not easily break!

Oliver the Ornament is a sweet story about one family's cherished Christmas ornament.

One of the things that I really liked is that there are blank pages at the end of the book. You can write each of your ornaments’ story there!

Then, each Christmas you can pull out the book and snuggle with your grandchildren and share the stories you have written down. Traditions like this will stay forever in your grandchildren’s hearts!

Oliver the Ornament is a sweet story about one family's cherished Christmas ornament.

This boxed set is the first in a 7-book series that will cover different religions, cultures, and the need to be kind and accepting of everyone. You can get Oliver the Ornament here for $30. You can see the other ornaments at The Village Shoppe.

Part of Oliver’s story revolves around being bullied. It can be a great springboard for discussions with your grandchildren about bullying. You can use it help them understand that kindness is always in season and bullying never is. October is National Bullying Prevention Month and you can use the national bullying prevention’s website for further information.

There are also Days of Kindness, which will take place in locations around the country as well as online. Doing acts of kindness with your grandchildren will help them develop a spirit of love and kindness in their behavior.

You can also win Oliver merchandise by sharing your holiday ornament story. Kids can win by telling Oliver how he or she will be kind like Oliver. Enter to win by sending your note and/or video or photos to oliver@olivertheornament.com or fill out a form at www.olivertheornament.com

Psst! There are only 67 more days until Christmas! You might want to consider getting a gift set for your grandchildren — or yourself! This would make a terrific gift for them and you.