Onesies — Great Baby Shower Idea

Decorate a onesie with an applique to jazz it up. Makes a perfect gift for a new baby! Free patterns.Saturday, my niece gave my daughter-in-law, Lisa, a baby shower.

There was a little craft project for the guests to do: put an applique on a onesie.  When the onesies were all finished, we gave them to Lisa so she would have them when her son is born in a few weeks.

I didn’t want my delicately unskilled craft hands to ruin a onesie so I thought that I would just sit by and watch.

“You can do it, you can do it, you can do it,” my niece said to me.  “Come on.  See?  It’s not hard.  You can do it.  Just take a deep breath.”  All that coaching just to get me to pick up a pattern.

I selected a giraffe design because I thought that it would be the easiest one to do.  The orange polka dot fabric spoke to my heart.  I love the color orange.

Hot diggity dog! Within 20 minutes, I had a finished project.  It turned out pretty good, even if I do say so myself.  Here are some pictures of the other onesies.  (I think our son, Tyler, will love the hedgehog one since he LOVES hedgehogs.)  Click on the pictures to see a bigger size.

Decorate a onsie to make a cute baby gift.

Decorate a onsie to make a cute baby gift.

Decorate a onsie to make a cute baby gift.

Here’s how to apply an applique. (Apply an applique –say that ten times really fast!)

  1. Select a simple design for your pattern.  Cut out a paper copy of the design.  (See below on where to get patterns.)
  2. Place the cut out design on the back side of the Wonder-Under (the papery non-bumpy side) and trace the design onto the Wonder-Under.  Be mindful of whether or not you need to put the pattern on the fabric so it is a mirror image of the design (so the design won’t be backwards).
  3. Rough cut around the design (not cutting on the exact lines of the design but away from it 2-3 inches)
  4. Put the rough side of the Wonder-Under to the wrong side of the fabric.  Press with a hot, dry iron for 3-4 seconds.
  5. Cut exactly around the edges of the design.
  6. Peal the paper backing off from the Wonder-Under.
  7. Place the design with the fabric side up (and the Wonder-Under side down) on the object that you are applying the applique to.
  8. Press 8-10 seconds with a dry, hot iron being very careful not to scorch the material.
  9. Let the design cool.

If you are having any problems, feel free to contact me.  I won’t be able to help you any more than the directions you see here because I my craft brain is so inept.   But you’re still free to contact me!  Otherwise,  you can read what the Pellon Consumer Products page has to say.

If you are artistic, you can draw your own pattern to use. If not, you could use simple shapes from a coloring book or clip art from your computer. Or, you could use some of the free applique patterns from this site.

If you have grandchildren that are around eight years old or older, this would be a good activity to do together.  (You might have to supervise the ironing.)  Your granddaughter could give her project away as a Christmas present, birthday present, donate to a humanitarian project, or just keep it herself.  (I’m being sexist here to refer to only granddaughters.  Grandsons would enjoy this activity too if they were doing monsters, dinosaurs, pickup trucks or any design they consider to be ‘manly.’)

If you use the really heavy duty Wonder-Under, you’re not supposed to need to sew around the edges of the applique.  But I’ve read on the blogosphere how some  people have had to stitch around it.  Maybe by the time it starts peeling up around the edges, the hobo look will be in.

Here are some things on which you could put an applique:

  • a baby blanket
  • t-shirts
  • little Levi hats for children
  • coordinate appliques on a t-shirt and shorts or pants
  • aprons (either for cooking or doing craft/painting projects)
  • tote bag to carry their books to and from the library
  • a skirt or dress
  • pajamas
  • pillowcase
  • homemade bean bags
  • personalized tooth fairy pillow
  • dishtowels

I’m almost embarrassed to tell you just how excited I was about the little applique that I did.  Now I’m concocting all sorts of projects that I can do with appliques.  I’d venture to say that if I can get excited about doing this type of project, your grandchildren will probably enjoy doing it too!

(Now, I’m trying to figure out how to convince my husband I need a new Bernina sewing machine to make more appliques . . .)

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