Our Newest Granddaughter

Big news!! Our daughter had her baby last Wednesday. This is Natalie holding her new sister, Emma.  Emma doesn’t look particularly happy at the moment. . . but Natalie is thrilled that Emma is here! Natalie will be such a good little helper!



Did you notice that I didn’t write anything last week? Emma’s birth was partially one reason.

The other reason is that life has been crazy — and, I have been trying to get ready to be on TV again!! (I’m so scared spitless excited that I can hardly stand it!)

I am going to be on Studio 5 on KSL Television. So, if you happen to live in Utah, tune in this Wednesday at 11:00!

I will be staying with my daughter and helping her out for the next several day. (That means I won’t be posting anything for a while.)

Be back later!

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