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super owlSeveral years ago, a woodpecker visited our home on a daily basis. Peck, peck peck. He pecked at the wood crosspieces on our English Tudor-styled home. He was ruining them.

Come to find out, it was a Lewis woodpecker. (How ironic that a Lewis woodpecker was pecking the wood on the Lewis home!) This species of woodpecker wasn’t very common in the area. In fact, he could only be found in a little copse of trees about a half a mile south of our house — when he wasn’t dining on ours.

I must say, he didn’t rank very high on my list of favorite birds.

I didn’t care that he was a slightly rare bird. I was ready to shoot him!

So, my husband tore off the wood crosspieces and replaced them with Trex (a wood alternative for trim, decks, and the like). Luckily for the woodpecker, he stopped pecking on our home and left. Presumably to go back to the little copse of trees where he belonged.

You’ve probably noticed that owls are currently very trendy. (I’m glad woodpeckers aren’t because I don’t think I could get excited about it because of my experience with woodpeckers!)

But, it’s really easy to get excited about owls — especially those made by Tiffany Tao Joiner. Take a look at these cuties.
Owl Shoppe Brown Background-045
Owl Shoppe Brown Background Pairs-058

Aren’t they as cute as a bug’s ear?

chef_owlWell, Tiffany has agreed to let me have a giveaway one of her chef owls. Huzzah! Isn’t that wonderful? To win this cute-as-a-button chef owl, simply post a comment and mention what your favorite bird is. (You don’t have to say it is an owl!)

The contest runs from today November 6th through midnight on Wednesday November 13th. A winner will be randomly selected and announced on November 14th.

You can see more of Tiffany’s fabulous handiwork on Etsy at The Owl Shoppe. Since Christmas is coming up, you might want to consider getting an owl or two for your granddaughters. They’d absolutely love them!

You can get a 10% discount by using the code SNOWY10 at the checkout.

What has impressed me is the fact that 10% of each owl purchased goes directly to Lifewater International, a non-profit organization that empowers rural communities to gain access to clean water and basic sanitation.

You can give a gift of an owl to a granddaughter and the gift of clean water to a needy community when you make a purchase through Tiffani’s Etsy store.

Well, quick, quick,  quick, post your comment now to enter the owl giveaway!

Disclaimer: I did not receive any remuneration or any owl products for this giveaway.

5 thoughts on “Owl Giveaway

  • Joyce

    I think I like the “lowly” sparrow…..during my years of teaching school I picked up the practice of rooting for the “little guys”…those too often overlooked in favor of the bigger, flashier birds!
    I’m glad to see that owls are “trendy.” We have one living in our cul de sac and last week I saw him/her fly from tree to tree behind our house with a majestic wing span.
    Thanks for another great give away! The owls are all adorable!

  • Jeri Merkley

    My mother collected owls and at her passing, I received some of the collection. I never see an owl without thinking of my mother and the blessing she was in my life!

  • Kathie Gordon

    My favorite birds are Cardinals but I also love to see the hummingbirds come up outside our door when I have geraniums on the deck.

  • Shelley Blundell

    I also love owls, but not as much as my 4 year old granddaughter. She even had a live owl demonstration for a birthday party. She wasn’t a bit afraid (it was a Great Horned Owl). She loved the encounter but was a little disappointed that she couldn’t “cuddle” with it.

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