Kids love bubbles. Little kids. Big kids. Tall kids. Short kids. Even kids that have grown into grandmas! Tween and teen-aged grandchildren might think that they are too old for bubbles. But they haven’t made bubbles with this bubble wand. This wand makes GIGANTIC bubbles. Gigantic LONG bubbles. Gigantic long […]

Make Gigantic Bubbles with this Bubble Wand!

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It’s pathetic when you’re late to your own party! Like I am tonight. Late, late, late! I could tell you I had a meeting to go to tonight afterwork and that’s why I’m so late tonight. But I won’t. I could tell you that last night afterwork I was having […]

Party in Your PJs #162

A Man Called Ove is an exceptionally well-written and touching book for teens and adults.
(Note: I did not receive any remuneration or free review copy of this book.) It seems like when I share books, they tend to be children’s picture books. Like the book Press Here, or The Day the Crayons Quit, or The Incredible Book Eating Boy. Those books are so fun […]

A Terrific Book for Teens — and Adults!

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Welcome, friends. It’s that time once again. Where we get to party in our pajamas. And to sit back and relax a wee bit. And to not think about the laundry, the sweeping, the moping, the dishes, the vacuuming, the weeding, the cooking, and all of that other kind of […]

Party in Your PJs #161

This strawberry craft is super easy and inexpensive to make!
Strawberries are in abundance in the grocery store now. Yum! I love strawberries. My grandkids love strawberries. We love to do crafts. So let’s do a strawberry craft! I saw this idea on and decided that it was a terrific idea to do. I think it is the easiest […]

Easiest Ever Strawberry Craft

I quilted this wall hanging that my mother made.
My mother is a fabulous sewer of quilt tops. Occasionally she makes what she calls wall hangings. Three years ago, she gathered her five children together and she gave us the quilt tops that she had sewn over the last several years. We each went home with 22! That’s over […]

Party in Your PJs #160

This patriotic bird house was featured at the link party Party in Your PJs.
I am not a very patient person. Especially when I’m waiting for warm weather to come. I’ve been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for spring weather to come to my neck of the woods. But we have had weeks of overcast, chilly, and rainy weather. You’d think that we lived […]

Party in Your PJs #159

Here are directions to make the easiest ever piñata!
Have you ever made paper mache with flour and water? It is one of the messiest activities EVER!! Yuck! And it takes so long for it to dry that you can’t complete your craft very quickly. We were babysitting the grandkids a little while ago and I decided on the […]

Easiest Ever Piñata!

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I got the most exciting Mother’s Day present. Our daughter told us that she is expecting! Wahoo! Double wahoo! That is down right the best news ever. She has had a hard time getting pregnant. But this time is different. No endless doctor appointments. No outrageously expensive medicines or procedures. […]

Party in Your PJs #158