This fruit smoothie recipe was shared at Party in Your PJs link party.
Now, do I look like a weather obsessed person? Nope. Can I discuss topics other than the weather? Most of the time. But then . . . when the weather has been so spring-like the last few days, I just can’ t help but mention two things. First, the weather […]

Party in Your PJs #146

Grandkids (Angels at Play) is a catchy song for grandparents and grandkids by Johnny Prill.
Do you think that your grandkids are angels? That they bless your life in many ways? Do their hugs melt your heart? Do their smiling faces bring you joy? Then Johnny Prill’s song Grandkids (Angels At Play) is for you! It will get you singing –and dancing — about the thrills of […]

Grandkids — Angels at Play

Five ways to show kids love was featured at the Party in Your on Grandma Ideas.
Hey there, friends! Do you notice something? Something like say . . . I’m back in the swing of things? Like . . . I’m having a normal Party in Your PJs party? I’m glad you’re here! And I’m so glad that you have kept sharing your ideas even when […]

Party in Your PJs #145

Here is a quick and easy Valentine craft that you can do with kids!
I know that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Tomorrow. Yikes! Are you going to have a fun little party with your sweet Valentine grandkiddos? Want a SUPER — and I do mean super — easy and quick craft to do with them? I’m glad you said yes. Because I’m going to […]

Quick and Easy Valentine Craft

The Grand Canyon on Kauai.
I’ve been such a slacker! We have been vacationing on Kauai and have recently gotten home. I had planned on writing some posts and getting some link parties prepared in advance. Alas, I wasn’t that organized before we left. Oh well . . . However, we had a great time […]

Party in Your PJs #144

Party in your PJs is a Tuesday evening link party that starts at 7:00 p.m. (Mountain time) through Sunday night at midnight. Come and join in the fun!
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! And, by the way, did I say let it snow? Last year, we lamented the dearth of snow. This year, we are lamenting about all of the snow we had. But the 10 day Caribbean cruise we took right after Christmas […]

Party in Your PJs #142

We're All in the Same Boat is a fun ABC book about the story of Noah, his ark, the animals, and the flood. Great book for kids!
Sometimes, an ABC book for kids can be boring. A is for apple, B is for Ball, C is for cat . . . . blah, upon boringly blah, blah, blah. Imagine my delight when I found one that is unique. That has some pizazz and fun. And is so subtle […]

We’re All in the Same Boat

Party in your PJs is a Tuesday evening link party that starts at 7:00 p.m. (Mountain time) through Sunday night at midnight. Come and join in the fun!
I’m a little under the weather lately. So, as  you can see, I’m not having any features. I hope that I’ll be back on track next week. But,I still hope, Dear Friends, that you’ll share a link or two at our link party! That would cheer me up immensely. You […]

Party In Your PJs #141

I made these quilts for my grandkids doing a free-style design on a long-arm quilting machine.
Before I get to today’s post, I need to share a little back story. My mother’s grandchildren graduated from high school, she made them quilts. When they got married, she made them quilts. When her grandchildren had children, my mother made baby quilts for her great-grandchildren. Mom made quilts and randomly […]

Making Quilts for My Grandchildren