This patriotic mailbox was featured at the Party in Your PJs link party.
I’ve got some delightful news! We have a new host joining our link party! Huzzah! Let’s give Donna a warm welcome. As she describes herself, she is a stay at home mother turned RN. She has 8 children (2 girls and 6 boys) and five grandchildren. She blogs over at […]

Party in Your PJs #165

Have a happy and safe 4th of July
Wherever in the world you are, I wish all of my readers a happy 4th of July. I hope you have a safe and wonderful time with family or friends! Because of the holiday, I will not be holding a Party in Your PJs link party. However, it will return […]

Have a Happy 4th of July

Make this easy craft of a wind spinner out of a plastic water bottle, marking pens, and some string.
We held our annual family reunion at Bear Lake in Utah. Oh my! I’ve never seen the water so high!! We have had several drought years. But this past winter brought an exceptional amount of snow. (There’s still lots in the mountains!) As the snow has melted, our lakes and […]

Wind Spinner Craft

This was featured at Party in Your PJs link party.
Kim, one of our hosts for our Party in Your PJs link party, will not be able to be a host any longer. I wish her all the best! We will certainly miss her! If any of you would like to be a host, please let me know. Send an […]

Party in Your PJs #164

This challenge was featured at Party in Your PJs link party.
Can I see a raise of hands of everyone who agrees that life gets crazy-busy at times? And that at times we have to eliminate things or else we’d become a screaming banshee? It is with a heavy heart that I announce that Kim, one of our hosts for Party […]

Party in Your PJs #163

Welcome to the Word of the Day where people are encouraged to improve their vocabulary by learning these great and fun words!
Hello, my chums! It is with great pleasure that I share with you another word of the day. (I hope you are having fun teaching these words to your grandchickabiddies!) It’s summer. (Oh. You already know that.) Summer time = dirty kids. At least if your grandkids are at all […]

Word of the Day: Soigne

Kids love bubbles. Little kids. Big kids. Tall kids. Short kids. Even kids that have grown into grandmas! Tween and teen-aged grandchildren might think that they are too old for bubbles. But they haven’t made bubbles with this bubble wand. This wand makes GIGANTIC bubbles. Gigantic LONG bubbles. Gigantic long […]

Make Gigantic Bubbles with this Bubble Wand!

This was featured at Party in Your PJs link party.
It’s pathetic when you’re late to your own party! Like I am tonight. Late, late, late! I could tell you I had a meeting to go to tonight afterwork and that’s why I’m so late tonight. But I won’t. I could tell you that last night afterwork I was having […]

Party in Your PJs #162

A Man Called Ove is an exceptionally well-written and touching book for teens and adults.
(Note: I did not receive any remuneration or free review copy of this book.) It seems like when I share books, they tend to be children’s picture books. Like the book Press Here, or The Day the Crayons Quit, or The Incredible Book Eating Boy. Those books are so fun […]

A Terrific Book for Teens — and Adults!