Paint on Rocks

It’s almost the Memorial Day holiday.  And, school is almost out.  These are perfect opportunities to let your hair down, get a little wild, get creative, have fun! And do all of that with rocks.   Painting rocks– what a creative way to spend quality time strengthening your relationship with your grandchildren.

(Rocks? you say.  I thought you hated rocks? I answer in the affirmative. I detest rocks.  Rocks in my yard — bad, bad, bad.  But, painting rocks — good, good, good.  If you need any, I’d be  more than happy to mail you some.  Out of my flowerbed to your craft table!)

Aren’t these rock paintings adorable?

Have fun painting rocks like pigs or bugs!

Ernestina Gallina, an Italian painter, has come up with these delightful creations.  You can get free directions on painting these (and other adorable things) on her site.

You can come up with lots of your own designs that you can paint: pirates with an eye patch, sheep, cupcakes, rainbows, faces (try doing your portrait on a rock!), Shrek, Micky Mouse, hearts, lollipops, a zigzag pattern, a VW bug.  You can glue on googly eyes, chenille hair, pipe cleaner feelers.

Gather lots of materials and watch as your grandchildren unleash their imagination and have lots of fun doing it.

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