Pajama-rama for Grandchildren

Want to do an unusual activity with your kiddos? Hold a pajama-rama with them!Pajama-rama. Pajama-rama!  Don’t you just love saying that word?

Gather your grandchildren around for a Pajama-rama activity.

Have them wear their PJs (and  you wear yours, too, grandma!) and come prepared for lots o’ fun.  (You don’t need to connect it to a sleep over — unless you want to.)

What does one do at a pajama-rama?  Anything a grandma wants to plan!  The fun thing is that you do your activities in the comfort of your pajamas!

Here is a list of ideas to get your noodle thinking.

  • Instead of having your grandchildren bring/wear their pajamas, give them new ones when they first arrive.  Purchase pajama bottoms (flannel, cotton, or smooth silkie ones) and buy colored t-shirts to match.  One of your activities could be decorating the t-shirts with iron on appliques, rhinestones, buttons, bows, or fabric paints.
  • Make fuzzy flip flops.  Have each grandchild bring a pair of flip flops.  Have an assortment of pieces of fake fur (spotted like a leopard skin, wild colors like neon orange, or camouflage).  Trace the flip flop bottom on a piece of paper to make your pattern.  Cut out the pattern and then use it to cut the shape out of the fake fur.  Make slits in the fur where the toe and the side straps are.  Get some 3M Super Strong Automotive Attachment Tape or double-sided cloth carpet tape.  (Maybe your local craft store has some really strong double sided tape. I’ve seen ‘flip flop’ glue that would work, too.) Put pieces of the tape on the flip flop.  Put the fur on top and firmly press down.  Now your grandchildren have a pair of fuzzy, soft-soled flip flops.
  • If you have grade school grandchildren, have them bring a stuffed animal.  Grandma hides their stuffed animals and then have an indoor safari while the grandchildren hunt for their stuffed animals.
  • Get solid colored pillowcases and a set of fabric markers or fabric paint.  Let your grandchildren decorate a pillowcase.  Be sure to slip some cardboard inside the pillowcase so the markers or paint don’t bleed through.
  • For grandchildren who are a little older, you could have some fun fabric and teach your grandchildren how to sew their own pillowcase.
  • Read stories to your grandchildren — or have them read them to you.
  • Play the sleeping bag guessing game.  Send one grandchild out of the room.  Have the other grandchildren switch sleeping bags and hide inside them.  Bring the grandchild back into the room and have her guess who is in the which sleeping bag.
  • Design and make a door hanger.  Here are some ideas and also some templates that you could print and decorate.  Here are some more blank templates so that you could create your own.
  • For granddaughters, have a make-up make-over.  Purchase inexpensive eye shadows, blush, lipsticks and nail polish.  Have your granddaughters select the colors they like and then apply them.  Have curling irons, flat irons, etc. and have them try new hair styles.  Have bows, clips, and flower hair accessories that they can use (and keep).
  • Play some games such as The Dice Game, Zilch, War (with dice), Flash, the Candy Bar Game, Murder in the Dark (for tweens and teens), or the Dictionary Game (for older grandkids).
  • Make cookies, a special popcorn treat, or some other delectable high-sugar-something-that-mother-wouldn’t-approve-of goodie!
  • Watch a movie.
  • Do dances like the Hokey Pokey or the Funky Chicken.

What fun pajama party activities can you think of doing with your grandchildren?

14 thoughts on “Pajama-rama for Grandchildren

  • Nina Lewis Post author


    I’m so happy to be a teeny part of your daughter’s first sleep over! It makes me happy to know that people use my ideas! I hope it turns out good. (But don’t expect much sleep. 🙂 )


  • Holly

    This sounds like SO much fun with your grandkids! Hope, our 5-year-old, is having her first sleepover this weekend so I also got some great ideas for that as well!!! Thanks so much for sharing at Waiting on…Wednesday!

    Holly @ While I’m Waiting

  • Nina Lewis Post author


    Having a pajama day at school sounds like great fun. We never got to do that when I was a kid. Rats!


  • April J Harris

    What a fun idea! I remember my son’s primary school used to do a pajama day – it was incredibly popular and the kids all loved it. Thank you for sharing this post with us at the Hearth and Soul Hop, Nina.

  • Nina Lewis Post author

    Hi Joyce,

    So glad you dropped by and that you find some of my ideas useful. YOU are such a creative grandma and I can imagine your Grandma Camp is spectacular.


  • Nina Lewis Post author


    Having a pajama day at school sounds like loads of fun! I’m glad you can use some of the ideas in your classroom!


  • Michelle

    The grands and I usually have a pajama day when they spend the night. I love the name you give this and all the ideas. I’m stealing some for my classroom when we have Pajama day! These are terrific. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  • Joyce

    You have so many cute ideas here! It’s the best fun when cousins are involved. I’m going to use a few of these at my annual Grandma Camp week this summer! I just adore the sleeping bag guessing game and the enhanced flip flops!

  • Becca @ The Earthling's Handbook

    Great ideas! I just wanted to mention that if you are giving new pajamas to be worn right away, wash them first. Sometimes new garments have stuff on them that can irritate skin.

    Sewing a pillowcase is a really good idea. They are extremely easy for a first project on the sewing machine.

  • Susan Adcox

    These are great ideas! I especially like the idea of having pjs at my house for them. Now–do you have any suggestions for getting them to sleep?

  • DigiGram Post author

    How fun!! You are such a creative grandmother. By the way, did your grandchildren actually sleep??

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