Paper Monsters

monsterAGot colored paper? Scissors? Markers?

Great! You have enough makings for paper monsters. (Cue spooky music here . . .)

These monsters are easy to make. You simple fold some paper, trim it, fold it again, tear it, and draw facial features, hands, legs, and other creepy markings.

My grandson is so proud of his paper monster!

These monsters are easy to make. Get some brightly colored paper. One doesn’t want a drab-colored monster, now does one?


Take one of the short sides and fold it part-way over to the other short side. (You don’t want to fold it exactly in half because that would make a too fat monster that would fall flat on his face all of the time. And there’s nothing worse than that!)

Next, fold one of the short sides part way down. It really doesn’t matter how much. What you are folding down turns out to be the monster’s head. The more paper you fold down the bigger the monster’s head will be.

Starting at the top by the fold, start tearing the paper. Zig this way, Zag that way. Rip and tear away! The uneven-ness (is that even a word?) of the tear gives the monster his unique shape. (If you wanted to, you could cut out your monster instead of ripping the shape. Whatever floats your boat!)




Now comes the tricky part. Imagine that the paper that is currently facing ‘out’ is the monster’s back. If you unfolded it, the inside would be the monster’s tummy.

So, unfold the monster and lay it on its tummy. Do no, I repeat, do not, smooth out the folds. Carefully hold the monster so that the folds aren’t flattened.

Now, draw facial features, draw arms, and add other markings if so desired.


Now comes the second tricky part. Are you up to all of these tricky things? Good. Let’s proceed.

You’re going to re-fold the folds the opposite way. (Boy, this is going to challenge my description giving abilities . . .) Open up your monster so that his tummy is facing you.

Fold the head down (which is the opposite way it was originally folded). Crease the paper so that the tummy is now folded the opposite way.

Ta da! Your monster is finished.


You can add feet if you would like. Cut small rectangle shapes of paper — either the same color as your monster or a different color. Tape them on the back side of your monster and then fold them so they are facing out the front of the monster.

After I read these directions, I thought to myself, “Self, it sure would be a lot easier just to demonstrate, to show your readers how to make this. So, I’ve made this little movie to help you.”

You can add all sorts of designs on your my monster — spots, stripes, creepy markings.

Can you find the one that my grandson made?



2 thoughts on “Paper Monsters

  • DigiGram Post author

    Joyce, it would be great fun to try googly eyes and pipe cleaners with the monsters. However, that just might make them unstable and tip over. Let me know how they work — and maybe even share a photo.

  • Joyce

    Love them! Monsters are a big deal over here! The two boys have been fascinated with them since they were two. The girls? Not so much!
    When I make these I’ll bring out my box of wiggle eyes, pipe cleaners and beads and let them go crazy!
    Cute idea. Thank you!

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