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Yesterday, my sister and I, our husbands, and my mother went to the movie Dunkirk.

Oh my!

Such an intense movie!!

There wasn’t very much dialogue. But the music made up for it. The music was so well written that you sat breathless on the edge of you seat for almost the whole show!

I didn’t know much about the battle at Dunkirk. (That’s not surprising since I don’t know much about anything!!) So, afterwards, I had to read more about it.

I didn’t realize that 330,000 men were rescued. Wow! I didn’t realize that the rescue happened over a span of 9 days. I didn’t realize that hundreds of private vessels participated in the rescue. I can only imagine the relief that the soldiers felt when they saw those small ships coming to rescue them!

I highly recommend that you see this movie! And afterwards, say a silent prayer of thanks to all of those who have ever served in the military to keep our country safe.

Now let’s start partying!

The first thing I want to feature is not something for grandchildren. GASP! It’s for all of you, dear grandmothers. It’s washer and dryer bling! You probably have a white washer and dryer. White is nice. But. BUT! This bling turns those white machines into something crazy fun! (This might even make doing laundry fun. Maybe. . .)

Cecilia over at My Thrift Store Addiction shows how she found vinyl decals that she applied to spiffy up her washer and dryer. I can do vinyl! Can’t you?

You know, if you want, you could have a grandchild help you apply this bing and have a great time together.

This was featured in the Party in Your PJs link party.

My second feature are painted sneakers. I’ve already featured some once a while back. But! This is a different color. And there’s bling on the shoes. (I must be having an infatuation with bling . . .)

Mrs. Tschi-Tschi makes these delightful purple sneakers. Wouldn’t this be a terrific craft to do with granddaughters? And since a new school year is just around the corner, your granddaughters could wear their shoes to school and be a big fashion hit! (This page is in German but if you use Chrome or Firefox, it will translate it to English.)

These shoes were featured at the Party in Your PJs link party.

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas!

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