Create a Personalized Storybook for your Grandchild

StickersIsn’t it interesting how you ‘meet’ people through the Internet? A fabulous set of grandparents, Grandpa Shayne and Grandma Tanda ‘met’ me, and, as we conversed through e-mail, I realized that I knew them. They used to live near me and Grandma Tanda went to school where I grew up.  Amazing, huh?

Even more amazing is their blog: Grandparents TLC (where TLC stands for Technology to help Loving Grandparents Connect with Grandchildren). This is exactly what I am interested in!

Grandpa Shane has a posting about creating a children’s storybook using stickers. He has a little video that explains how he made the book. I strongly suggest you read what he wrote. After reading his blog posting, I was very excited to make a storybook. Is it too early to create one for my seven month-old grandson, Spencer??

If any of you, Dear Readers, have any fun ideas you would like to mention please feel free to post a comment anytime to this site!


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2 thoughts on “Create a Personalized Storybook for your Grandchild

  • Grandpa Shayne

    Thanks for the nice review Digi-Gram! I’ve enjoyed creating these storybooks with stickers. My grandkids love applying the stickers and reading the stories over and over. I’m working on another one for a grandson’s birthday next month. It’s lots of fun!

    As for your seven month-old grandson — maybe wait till he’s 9 months-old and give it to him as a Christmas present. 😉

    -Grandpa Shayne